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Two slightly silly ideas

by Khedrac

I am not currently DMing any Mystara but I have a fair number of thoughts tucked away for when (and if) I do in the future.

Most of my plans are fairly serious, but I play rpgs to have fun with my friends, so a degree of light-heartedness is standard (we probably get more laughs when playing Call of Cthulhu than any other system) so there are some potentially silly ideas up there.

Slightly Silly idea #1
The party hear reports of a great deal of banging and loud noise coming from a known monster location (preferably an area they have cleared before, even if in a different campaign). On investigation they find cheap wooden fencing around the monster lairs. On the fencing are a number of signs, noticeably "Helmets must be Worn" and "This redevelopment is being brought to you by Quik-E-Lair (a division of Barrimoor Construction, Registered Office Oenkmar)".
Inside the fencing is a mixed labour force of orcs, goblins, bugbears and a few ogres for heavy lifting with some gnomes in senior positions, all wearing basic leather armour and brightly painted helmets. If attacked they run away (possibly calling for "security") and threaten to "go on strike". Overhead is a noisy contraption acting as a flying crane to move the objects about ("Crank Bros. Heavy Lift of Serriaine" according to the words on the side).
If the party speak with them, one of the gnomes is happy to explain that they are re-fitting the complex for it's new occupants.
Potentially the party may be able to bribe the crew to get either a secret door installed or plans of the construction, however the recipient of the bribe may be found a few days later having been killed somewhat painfully.
If contacted, Quik-E-Lair can provide cheap construction using humanoids or Barrimoor Engineering (underground-works a speciality) can provide normal price construction using demi-humans (which could be useful when the PCs want to build their own strongholds) but copies of the plans will end up in Barrimoor's hands should the party go up against him.

Very Silly Idea #2 (problem this one is going out of date fairly fast)
Three "gnomes" from Serrian have made themselves PNG in Serraine and are touring the lands below. The have a love for anything that moves fast (the faster the better) They used to work for a mysterious figure known only as "Auntie" but are now on the run from her (hence the decision to leave Serraine), instead they are funded by a renowned female fighter (probably from the Queendom of <I forget the name>).
Germ Clockson is a human who was raised by gnomes. He is the leader of the trio's escapades and is very popular but also can be very rude. He doesn't appear to have any real skills, but it very lucky and almost always succeeds in whatever he tries.
Hamster is a gnome sized intelligent rodent who claims he got stuck in this form after a magical accident - treat as a gnome in all but appearance. He is prone to crashing things.
Jim Nytdain a.k.a. Cmdr Tortoise is the practical one being a real mechanical gnome and is often the one to fix what the others have broken.
Yes, this is the famous three from Top Gear in gnome form. For the non-British out there "Auntie" is a nickname for the BBC (the makers of Top Gear) and the trio now make programs for Amazon. Nytdain is the 5th month of the Karameikos calendar, feel free to replace with a different representation of May.