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3.2 miles/hex map of Karameikos

by Giampaolo Agosta

To try out Isomage's hexgimp script, I've drawn a 3.2 miles/hex map of Karameikos.
It's not especially beautiful (hexgimp is good, but it's easy for me to mess up, and it takes a lot of time to place the hexes), but it gives an overview of which regions of Karameikos have been mapped out in greater detail.
I've reported locations (mostly villages and towns, plus the keeps and some famous ruins) and terrain from the following sources:

Another version of the same map, marking the areas of control of humans and non-humans.

Colour code:

Superimposed colours:

Non-coloured: areas controlled by other non-humans (e.g., Centaurs and Chevalls in the Moor and surrounding hills, Count Koriszegy in the area around Koriszegy Keep, dragons, the Beast of Radlebb), or contended/unpopulated lands. In many cases, these are buffer zones between enemy groups (e.g., Ogres and Callarii Elves north-west of Radlebb), in others, just lands that are not yet settled.