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I have been concocting the following for quite some time, but I did not have a writeup until now, nor I have tested it. The idea is to borrow some class features from 4e which could be used with Classic D&D without altering the feel of the game too much. Any comments are welcome!

New class abilities inspired by D&D 4e

by Antonio Eleuteri


Healer’s Lore
This ability works in conjunction with the Shock Recovery rule [At the end of a combat, each character can recover 1 class HD worth of hit points from the damage inflicted during the current combat, as long as it’s the first action performed after the combat. Recovery takes 1 turn.]
A cleric can recover (or help another recover) double the Shock Recovery hit points rolled. However, the cleric cannot recover his hit points by doing so.

Divine Fortune
During each combat a cleric may choose a +1 bonus to the next attack or saving throw.


Combat Challenge
Every time the fighter engages an enemy in melee, that enemy receives a –2 penalty if it does not attack the fighter. This manoeuvre is useful when the fighter wants to help a companion retreat.

Combat Superiority

When an enemy flees from combat without a fighting withdrawal, if the fighter hits with his free attack, then the enemy cannot escape and it loses its action.

Fighter Weapon Talent
The fighter must choose a favoured weapon type at character creation, either melee or missile. He gets a +1 bonus to hit with the chosen type.


First Strike
If the thief wins initiative he gets a +2 bonus to hit for the first attack.

Thief Tactics
When retreating from a fight the thief does not incur the –2 penalty to AC.

Thief Weapon Talent
The thief must choose a small weapon at character creation. He gets a +1 bonus to hit with that weapon.


These are minor spells that the magic-user gains at first level, and that he can use at will without expenditure of a spell slot. Casting a regular spell cancels the effects of a cantrip.

Ghost sound
Range: 50’
Duration: 1 round
Effect: see below
You cause a sound as quiet as a whisper or as loud as a yelling or fighting creature to emanate from the target position. You can produce non-vocal sounds such as the ringing of a sword blow, jingling armor, or scraping stone. If you whisper, you can whisper quietly enough that only creatures adjacent to the target position can hear your words.

Minor Light
Range: 25’
Duration: 5 minutes
Effect: volume of 20’ diameter
The magic-user causes the target to shed bright light (either a point in the air, or an object; it cannot be cast on a living target.) The light can be canceled with just a thought. Only one minor light cantrip can be active at a time. If the spellcaster creates a new light, the previously cast light winks out.

Mage Hand
Range: 25’
Duration: Concentration (see below)
Effect: see below
The spellcaster conjures a spectral, floating hand within range. The hand picks up, moves, or manipulates an object weighing 20 pounds (200 coins) or less and carries it up to 25 feet. If the magic-user is holding the object when he casts this spell, the hand can move the object into a pack, a pouch, a sheath, or a similar container and simultaneously move any one object carried or worn anywhere on his body into his hand.
By concentrating the caster can move the hand up to 25 feet or cause the hand to pick up or manipulate a different object. The caster can cause the hand to drop an object without concentrating. The spell can be sustained indefinitely by concentrating, though only one hand can be created at a time.

Range: 10’
Duration: see below
Effect: see below
Magic-users use this cantrip to accomplish one of the effects given below.
- Move up to 1 pound of material.
- Create a harmless sensory effect, such as a shower of sparks, a puff of wind, faint music, or a strong odor.
- Color, clean, or soil items in 1 cubic foot for up to 1 hour.
- Instantly light (or snuff out) a candle, a torch, or a small campfire.
- Chill, warm, or flavor up to 1 pound of nonliving material for up to 1 hour.
- Make a small mark or symbol appear on a surface for up to 1 hour.
- Produce out of nothingness a small item or image that exists for 1 round.
- Make a small, handheld item invisible for 1 round.
Nothing created with this cantrip can deal damage, serve as a weapon or a tool, or hinder another creature’s actions. This cantrip cannot duplicate the effect of any other spell. As many as three prestidigitation effects can be active at one time.