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Here are some details for the Five Tribes...

by James Mishler

the Uimach (Oltec/Neathar)

The Uimach are like Howard's Cimmerians, and are the most "Celtic" of the tribes. They are distantly related to the Robrenn of the Savage Coast and culturally similar to the Dunael and Caerda of the Isle of Dawn, though they are more "primitive" and atavistic than the other similar tribes. They are a mostly independent tribe and are on the borders of the Lands of Law and the Lands of Chaos, so they are a highly martial and skilled tribe of warriors. Kandar and Berunna are their Patron Immortals.

the Ausdran (Neathar)

That should actually read "Neathar/Antalian". The closest RW culture would be the Rus, circa 8th to 10th century AD, though they are less Viking-ish and slightly more Slavic in nature at this time. They have close ties with the Duchies, and thus are the most "civilised" of the Five Tribes. Darunna is their Patron Immortal.

the Roanna (Oltec)

The Roanna are similar culturally to the Atruaghin Tribes, most closely to the Children of the Elk. They live in the southeastern section of the midlands, and are the tribe closest to the Known World. They are allies of the Uimach and their Patron Immortal is Zanar.

the Andar (Neathar)

The Andar live in the western regions of the forest. They have no RW equivalent, though it might be said that they somewhat resemble the Czech, Slovak and Slovene cultures to a minor extent. Sul is their Patron Immortal, and of all the Five Tribes they have the closest relations with the Elves of the Midlands.

and the Shonak (Oltec)

The Shonak also have no RW equivalent; they are closest, however, to the various Siberian, Tungus and Mongolian tribes, and thus their culture greatly resembles that of the Ethengars, except they are not fully nomadic, only semi-nomadic. They have a strong Neathar influence and are similar culturally to the Vaarana and Saamari of Kaarjala in Norwold. They live in the northernmost section of the midlands and have to deal almost weekly with raids by the minions of Pojaara. Tavar and Tara (Taavar and Taara in their dialect) are their Patron Immortals.