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The Seven Realms and the Rainbow Bridge

by Francesco Defferrari

In a Koskatep level on Threshold I imagined that fairies used the expression "Seven Kingdoms" to identify seven mega-areas of Mystara where fairies are present: outer world, undersea, air realms above the clouds, shadowdeep underground, hollow world, matera and patera. This make sense as fairies are able to move through magical portals and are immortals, so it stands to reason they know all the regions of Mystara other races do not know, including the Hollow World.
I would connect these "Seven Kingdoms" to the Rainbow Bridge, to the Seven Realms of M3 and also to Inner and Outer planes in this way:
- Scarletland (CM7) connected to Red Realm, Plane of Fire and Patera (highly volcanic according to VotPA)
- Amberland to Yellow Realm, Matera and Astral Plane
- Goldenland to White Realm, Sky realms and Plane of Air
- Jadeland to Green Realm, Outer world and Plane of Earth
- Azureland to Blue Realm, Undersea and Plane of Water
- Violetland to Black Realm, Shadowdeep and Ethereal plane
- Indigoland (not accessible on the Rainbow Brige) to Hollow World, Pandius and Rainbow Realm

While there are not exact correspondence between CM7 and M3 I think the above could work. It also make sense that the Rainbow Bridge is a fairy magical construct used to connect fairies in the far corners of the world, and temporarily lent to elves in times of need. Also because the Sylvan Realm is so far north in Brun it should be a land kept warmer than normal by fairy magic.
Indigoland should not be normally accessible on the Rainbow Bridge because Immortals would not want anyone, even fairies, to travel easily to the Hollow World, Pandius and the Rainbow Realm, but probably some high ranking fairies are able to do so.
It also makes perfectly sense the rulers of the Seven Realms are indeed high ranking faerie lords.

Nabumetis the trickster looks like an Immortal agent to me. He could be a spawn of an important Immortal and an important Fairy Lady/Lord, for this reason chosen to be the guardian of the Rainbow Realm and a sort of connection between Immortals and Fairies
But all the characters of the Realms in M3 definitely could have very interesting backstories and would be a shame to leave them prisoner there.
At the very least they could be important ancestors of Mystara people. For example Ambriel could have been an ancient important queen of Evergrun, while Malkar and Anator could well have been important leaders of the past.