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[M3] Rethinking the Seven Realms

by Håvard

While the Carnifex are a topic that have fascinated Mystara fans for decades, I feel like the Seven Realms always seemed like a one-trick pony that could only be used in the context of that module.

In some of my earlier threads about the planes, Ripvanwormer kept bringing up these realms and how the Green Realm could fit into Mystara's Feywood and how the White Realm could correspond to The Moon. Recently, this has made me rethink the nature of the Seven Realms in general.

The Seven Realms were created in order to protect Mystara from the Carnifex. Each Realm is a pocked dimension which is home to a powerful creature called the Guardian of that realm. These are in control of their realms.

I think these Guardians and some of the other creatures found in the Seven Realms are incredibly interesting. It also seems quite strange that they have existed in those Pocket Universes for milennia. Even more so, given the specifics of some of them which suggests that they do have ties to other planes.

A few proposed changes:
a) The Guardians are not necessarily the same guardians who were there at the beginning. At the end of their very long lifespans, the Guardians are able to transfer their powers to a replacement of their choice, typically selected from their most loyal servants.
b) While the Seven Realms can normally only be entered via the Septahenge, the Guardians themselves can enter and leave the Pocket Dimensions at their pleasure, as can their servants. Perhaps there are some limitations to this, say they cannot stay away from their realms for too long. However, they are able to interract with the rest of the Multiverse in order to recruit new servants etc. There is already some presedence for the Guardians not being limited by the restrictions imposed on outsiders while inside their Pocket Universes.
c) The Pocket Dimensions are connected to specific planes in the Mystara Multiverse. The Green Realm is adjacent to the Feywood. The Black Realm is adjacent to Limbo/The Plane of Shadows. The White Realm is adjacent to Mystara's moon, Matera etc.

Why these changes?

I would like for Belotra of the Green Realm, Nabutemis of the Rainbow Realm and Kerrisar of the White Realm to be Archfey, active in Fey Society. I would also like Silcharde of the Black Realm to be an active creature in Limbo.

Also, while not a Guardian, I find it interesting that Hyperbius, the grand master of the Sun Brothers resides in the Yellow Realm. As I understand it, he is not one of many, but actually THE leader of that organization of Solluxes. Why would he be stuck in some hidden away Pocket Dimension?