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Aranea skills

by John Hare

Venom distillation/concoction: basically allows an aranea to use its own venom to be distilled to create 'various' potions. Roughly with other additives an aranea can create the equivalent of

sub-potions of healing: 1d3 points (only one a day) by using the venom to stimulate the bodies healing process

venom antidote: useful if the aranea accidental poisons someone it wants to keep alive for interrogation (or living larder food :P
with possibility of creating 'generic' antidote potions (this idea needs more work :)

paralysing toxin: to incapacitate others (nuff said)

truth toxin: by putting the subject into a 'lighter' state of mind (basically adding some sort of hallucinogen or other mind altering substance)

acid: basically concentrating some of the gastric juices pumped into the dinner subject, works best on organic substances (i.e. wood) and almost ineffective on metal or stone.

Most of this would require some prep time and extra ingredients to ensure the effects are made. I would say these 'potions' would actually be non-magical.

The web-healing.

Users of this skill can concoct silken bandages to seal wounds done to aranea. The bandages must be prepared ahead of time and must be maintained or they become useless.

A bandage 1' long & 2" wide can heal up to 1d4+1 points of damage. However the bandage can only be applied once to any given wound.

It takes 4 hours to create a bandage and will turn to dust in a week if not maintained (2 hours in the week). These bandages are very draining on the creating Aranea and it may only have 1 + 1/4 levels above 1st at any one time.

Bindings: these 2' by 2" strips of webbing are used to secure prisoners. They are generally prepared in about 2 hours. They can be carried indefinitely so long as they are maintained. They is no limit to how many can be made. For ease of carrying they are made with two parts. One sticky strong side and one 'neutral' side which is peeled off before use.

Alas I'm sure there are some other applications I haven't thought of. (and probably some loopholes I missed)