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Ability Score Adjustments & Spellcasters

by Craig Antoun

Spellcasters with high or low Prime Requisites ability scores are able to cast slightly stronger, or in some cases weaker, spells. For each PR ability score bonus or penalty, the saving throw (if any) of the target of the spell is modified.

For example, a magic-user with an Intelligence score of 16 has a +2 ability bonus. All targets of her spells that grant a saving throw must be made at a -2 penalty. Likewise, if the same magic-userís Intelligence was lowered to 8 (a -1 ability penalty) due to a curse, poison, or the like, then the targets of her spells that grant saving throws would be made at a +1 bonus.

These bonuses/penalties only apply to spells that allow a saving throw, and can only grant a maximum penalty of -3 or maximum bonus of +3 based on the appropriate PR ability score. Monster spellcasters are also subject to these modifiers. Spells cast from scrolls are not affected by this rule.

This rule allows for variations in spellcasters so that they are not all alike. Thus, the spells of an 18 Wisdom cleric will be slightly more powerful than those of a cleric with 14 Wisdom.