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Abbey Island

by Robin

Abbey Island is indeed small enough. to be used there. As the placement there seems to be more logical, I will remove it from the map I made thus far. It was the single one island not on your map which always disturbed me somewhat.
Here the 100yard hex map of it for those interested.

Ah...Ok. I exchange them with normal Dragon Symbols. Thanx

Yes, I used both your and Agathokles maps extensivly, Great sources by he way. I suppose so also, as he placed B5-TSR9078-D&D-Mystara-Horror on the Hill in this region while the adventure itself clearly placed it north of Kelvin and there are other relocated issues. However the extra information mght enhance the main map further. I send him already a mail, yet he has not replied yet.
I am very far with the main map and work now as said temporarily on the small islands you, I and others created in a 100 yard the hope he returns and helps with my questions. It would be a pity not to use his material though