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Ability Score House Rules

by TheNewPippinStrano

I'm a freak about the correlation between ability scores and classes, and apply house rules accordingly.

Summary of relevant house rules (right off the bat, the prime requisites don't impact xp) -
Strength determines how much you can carry, how heavy of weapons you can wield, and are tied to some very important combat skills, making the ability pretty vital for Fighters (along with the normal bonuses). I admit though that I'm still unsure if the connection is strong enough.

Intelligence is directly involved in how many spells Magic Users get per level.

Wisdom is directly involved in how many spells Clerics get per level, as well as the effectiveness of Turning.

Dexterity is the prime requisite for Scouts (my replacement for Thieves). As long as Scouts are not encumbered, their Dexterity is magnified for the many Dexterity based skills, making feats possible for a Scout (that isn't encumbered) that are impossible for other classes even with a higher Dexterity, and capable of actions that would seem magical when the Scout has a high enough Dexterity.

Constitution......yeah, I'm still working on a Constitution based class. It will end up with abilities to ignore some damage during combat, and heal after combat, tied to the combination of level and Constitution.

Charisma I'm also still working on. Some sort of leader archetype that can inspire others.