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Ayven Bravenwood

by David Russell

I was up last night and bored so I dug out my old "Redbox" Basic D&D game from the 80's and played the solo adventure (kinda like a choose your own adventure book. the first run My character died from a giant snake (not from the bite, but from the poison) the second run through i was victorious in clearing the cave of monsters and finding some minor treasure. this is the character sheet after the adventure (old school)

His Fairy tale inspired Backstory : Ayven is a tall farmer who has fallen in love with a princess. He intends to impress her by becoming an adventurer.He is tall blond, yet uses old armor and weapons passed down to him from his grandfather (who was at one time a Sargent of the city guard.) Ayvens father wanted nothing to do with the city nor adventuring & war, so he raised ayven as a farmer. but The Blood of heroes never rests.