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Origins of Monsters in AC9 the Creature Catalog

by Demos Sachlas

Okay, here's what I've got so far. I've included the original appearances of each monster in parentheses, following the entry. Please feel free to advise me regarding additional information, and I will be happy to keep the list updated. Enjoy!

note: creatures with no previous appearance yet identified are in bold

Creature (Animal):

Cat, Great: Bekkah, Cheetah (AD&D Monster Manual II), Jaguar (AD&D Monster Manual), Lynx (AD&D Monster Manual), Spotted Lion (AD&D Monster Manual), Wildcat (AD&D Monster Manual II)
Dinosaur: Allosaurus (X1), Ankylosaurus (X1), Brontosaurus (X1), Titanothere (Expert rules, 1981), Tylosaurus (a type of Mososaur, a larger version of the Mososaurus appearing in OD&D supplement II: Blackmoor)
Dog: Normal (X9), War (AD&D Monster Manual)
Eagle: Normal (AD&D Monster Manual II), Great (AD&D Monster Manual)
Eel: Electric (X7), Giant (X7), Weed (OD&D supplement II: Blackmoor)
Elk, Giant (X1)
Fish, Giant (Expert rules, 1981, X6)
Frog, Giant Poisonous (AD&D Monster Manual)
Gargantua (X7, but possibly based upon the Giant Gar from the AD&D Monster Manual, hence the name as a kind of an in-joke)
Hawk (Expert rules, 1981)
Lizard, Giant Foot-Pad (B10)
Magpie: Normal, Giant
Megatherium (X1)
Octopus, Giant (Expert rules, 1981, X7)
Owl, Giant (AD&D Monster Manual)
Oyster, Giant (X1, 1983 only)
Piranha, Cold-Water (B10)
Porcupine, Giant (AD&D Monster Manual)
Raven & Crow: Normal and Large (AD&D Monster Manual II)
Rhinoceros: Normal and Wooly (Expert rules 1981)
Shark, Vamora
Skunk: Normal and Giant (AD&D Monster Manual)
Snake: Rock Rattler, Normal (B10) and Giant
Squid, Giant (Expert rules, 1981, X7)

Creature (Conjuration):

Desert ghost (possibly based on the Stormbiter (Simon Eaton) from White Dwarf #19 (June/July 1980)
Faedorne (O2)
Fundamental (X8)
Gargoyle, Iron
Golem: Rock and Silver
Guardian Warrior & Horse (possibly similar to the Guardian Warrior used in "A Wizard's Fate" by Christopher Perkins in Dungeon #37 (Sept/Oct 1992) although need to compare)
Homunculus (originally described in OD&D supplement I: Greyhawk): Ulzaq, Gretch, and Fylgar
Huptzeen (likely based on the Gem Hylem from TSR UK's Imagine Magazine #19)
Juggernaut (X4, X10)
Kal-Muru (ship bane) X8
Living Statue: Silver, Rock/Ooze, Jade and Steel (B10)
Magen (X2, B12)
Nightmare (AD&D Monster Manual)
Reflecter (possibly based on the Gray Sqaarg (Graham Head) from White Dwarf #21 (Oct/Nov 1980)
Silver Warrior (O2)
Soul Eater (X4, DA4)
Winged Warrior (B8)

Creature (Humanoid):

Bhut (X4)
Cay-Man (B6, X9)
Chameleon Man (B8)
Crone of Chaos (B8)
Dark wing (possibly related to the Deep Glaurant appearing subsequently in Gaz8)
Elf, Aquatic (OD&D supplement II: Blackmoor, although subsequently appearing in PC3)
Flitterling (O2)
Garl (CM6, DA3)
Gator man (DA4)
Hephaeston (CM6)
Hutaakan (B10)
Kara-Kara (X8)
Kna (clearly based on the Locathah from OD&D supplement II: Blackmoor, although with souped up stats)
Lupin (X2, X9)
Man, Isolated: Cynidicean (B4), Quariks and Traldar (Warrior, Vocal and Other) B10
Man, Primitive: Native (X1), Wild Man (including Pagans, originally described in X2) and Barbarian (possibly inspired by the backstory for B1?)
Oard (CM6)
Phanaton (X1)
Rakasta (X1, X2)
Rock Man (B8)
Shargugh (O2)
Shark-Kin (ie. Sahuagin from OD&D supplement II: Blackmoor, although subsequently appearing in PC3)
Sis'thik (desert scourge), probably one of the sources of inspiration for the Sand Folk, subsequently appearing in DA3)
Snapper (X9)
Sollux (sun brother) originally appearing in an article by Tom Moldvay in Dragon #42 (for AD&D), subsequently in X2, DA4
Tortle (X9)
Triton (originally appearing in OD&D supplement I: Greyhawk, subsequently in X7)
Wood Imp (appearing subsequently in PC1)

Creature (Lowlife):

Amber Lotus Flower (X2, X9)
Amoeba, Giant (X2, X9)
Archer Bush (B3)
Fyrsnaca (XS2)
Herex: Larval and Adult (DA3)
Jellyfish, Giant: Marauder and Man-O-War (X7)
Killer Tree (X2, X6) possibly related to the Hangman Tree subsequent to X2 in the AD&D Monster Manual II
Leviathan: Desert (likely based on the Spice Worm (Dave Tant) appearing in White Dwarf #17 (Feb/March 1980) and Marine (with abilities based on the Afanc, from the AD&D Monster Manual II)
Masher (OD&D supplement II: Blackmoor)
Red Worm (XS2, B11)
Scorpion (Expert rules, 1981)
Serpentweed, Giant (X9)
Sirenflower (B6)
Slime Worm (X2)
Spider, Giant: Giant Hunting (M2 Maze of the Riddling Minotaur, X6, B11), Giant Sand (B8), Giant Shroud (B10), Huge Wood Spider
Steam Weevil (B5)
Strangle Vine (originally appearing as the Choke Creeper in the AD&D Monster Manual II) X9
Strangleweed (OD&D supplement II: Blackmoor)
Vampire Rose (B3, X2)
Whipweed (originally appearing in White Dwarf #9 (Oct/Nov 1978) as the Whipper (Bob Scurfield) and later as the Whipweed in the AD&D Fiend Folio)

Creature (Monster):

Aranea (X1, X2)
Ash Crawler (CM5)
Banshee, Lesser (B4)
Bargda (ie. seemingly inspired by the Broo from Runequest/Glorantha)
Beetle, Earthquake (M2)
Beholder, Aquatic (ie. Eye of the Deep from the AD&D Monster Manual)
Brain Collector (X2)
Chevall (B10)
Death Demon (X2)
Decapus (Land (B3) and Marine (X9)
Dragon, Sea (Expert Rules, 1981)
Dragonfly: White, Black, Green, Blue and Red Dragonfly (XL1)
Dragonne (AD&D Monster Manual) XL1, X9
Dusanu (X5)
Fungoid (AC8)
Gakarak (DA3, DA4)
Geonid (X5, DA3)
Ghostly Horde (B8)
Grangeri (X1)
Gyerian (CM5)
The Hivebrood: Broodling, Hivebrood, Hiveleader, Broodmother, and Hivemind (originally appearing in TSR UK's GameMaster Publications #1 (Fiona Lloyd), subsequently appearing in "Of Nests and Nations" by Randy Maxwell in Dungeon #13 (Sept/Oct 1988)
Hook Beast: Hook Horror (White Dwarf #12 (Apr/May 1979), AD&D Fiend Folio) and Hulker (a weaker form of the Umber Hulk from OD&D supplement I: Greyhawk, without ability to confuse) XL1, DA3
Hypnosnake (X3)
Ice Wolf (B10) basically the Hound of Kerenos (Graham Staplehurst) appearing in White Dwarf #18 (Apr/May 1980) even the picture is similar; also represents a slightly weaker, earlier version of the Quarg appearing in DA3)
Kopru (X1)
Kraken (AD&D Monster Manual II)
Lamara (ie. characteristics of the Lamia from the AD&D Monster Manual, with the appearance of the Lamia Noble from the AD&D Fiend Folio)
Lava Lizard (B5, DA4)
Leveller (Bodendruker)
Nagpa (X4)
Pegataur (M2)
Phantom, Lesser (X2)
Phororhacos ("sword beak") (X1)
Piranha Bird (lesser and greater) (B5, X6)
Pocket Dragon (M2 Maze of the Riddling Minotaur), X6
Polymar (B4)
Randara (ie. Rakshasa from SR#5)
Roper (XL1, DA4)
Sabreclaw (CM3)
Scamille (possibly based on the Goom (Nigel Proudfoot) appearing in White Dwarf #17), subsequently appearing as the Phasm in AD&D
Sea Horse (X7)
Sea Serpent (X7)
Surtaki (could this creature be based on the Minotaur Lizard from OD&D supplement II: Blackmoor?)
Tabi (X4, X10)
Water Weird (B7, B8)
White-Fang (possibly based on the Snow Serpent from Deities & Demigods)
Wychglow (ie. Will o' Wisp from OD&D supplement I: Greyhawk)
Xytar (a slightly weaker, earlier version of the Camarilla appearing in DA3)
Yowler (ie. Yeth Hound, originally appearing in the MMII)

Creature (Undead):

Agarat (X8)
Dark-Hood (Rorphyr)
Death Leech (CM2)
Dragon, Undead (similar to the Dracolich from "The Cult of the Dragon" by Ed Greenwood in Dragon #110 (June 1986) although somewhat less powerful)
Elder Ghoul (mechanically similar to the AD&D ghast)
Grey Philosopher and Malice (subsequently appearing in "In Pursuit of the Slayer" by Carl Sargent in Dungeon #15 (Jan/Feb 1989)
Haunt, Lesser (B7)
Mesmer (ie. morkoth or morlock from OD&D supplement II: Blackmoor)
Sacrol (M2 Maze of the Riddling Minotaur, X9)
Topi (X8)
Vapour Ghoul (XS2)
Velya (X7)
Wyrd, Normal and Greater (B10)