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Achelos Adventure

by Patrick Sullivan

Hi everyone. I got a number of positive replies, so I guess I'll post this adventure to the whole list.

This adventure is set in the Cruth Lowlands, as described in my Western Karameikos setting description sent out a few weeks ago. If anyone needs this, please feel free to ask me. One correction from that earlier post:

>General Nizar al Harb: (F8, AL: LN) Commander of The Fury of the West and >descendent of Muktar. Suleiman is overwhelmed by his task as commander...
Instead of Suleiman, this should say Nizar. Also, the military ranks may, and probably should, be changed. The same thing goes for many of the alignments I gave.

This adventure is very flexible; if first or second level characters are used, they will probably be in over their heads unless they are part of a fairly large party (ie, at least 4 or 5). Extremely high-level characters could play this adventure, but the combat encounters should be eliminated so that this is almost entirely a political adventure. As far as party makeup, class doesn't make too much difference, but race is important. Everything I write assumes that there is at least 1 Traladaran character, at least 1 Thyatian character, and at least 1 "neutral" character. IMC, I don't have a Thyatian PC, so I am considering using Prince Valen of Karameikos, travelling in disguise, as the Thyatian. NPC party members could easily be used if you don't have a character to match each of the three (one of the Alfheim elves moving into the Achelos Woods might be a good idea). These characters should be primarily lawful and/or good. While the characters will have a biased perspective on the events in the adventure, none should be a total bigot.

One more thing: this is based very much on by Lloyd Alexander. It will be apparent to anyone who has read the book, so I am saying it now. I would suggest that you try to read it, but it is certainly not necessary to use the adventure.

Here is the basic adventure outline, and a description of my posts that will follow:

The party learns about the story of Achelos and Muktar (Achelos Story), and that there is reason to believe that it is more than just fiction. They head to the village of Allia-Colba deep in the Cruth Lowlands by way of Riverfork Keep, and they have many adventures along the way (Achelos journey part 1). After becoming thoroughly embroiled in Traladaran vs. Thyatian conflict, they locate a lost artifact (Achelos journey part 2 & Achelos Artifact) which may help them heal the tension between Traladarans and their overlords (Achelos finale). Details of background info follow (Achelos Info).

DMs considering running these may want to go through these in order, to get a feel for the suspense which builds throughout, or they might wish to peruse "Achelos Artifact" or "Achelos Info," both of which spoil a good deal of the suspense, but may make the adventure easier to understand. It may take me a couple days to post everything, so sit tight for a little while if you don't get all the messages.