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Bringing the Atruaghin Clans into the Known World

by Francesco Defferrari

I read that Gaz14 is not one of the most appreciated, and I can understand why, as I wrote on another thread:
"About Atruaghins I think their Gaz could be the only one without sections about relations with other lands.. It had a quite different format from the others.. That, and also the fact that Atruaghin clans didn't get any space in WotI and not much in the Almanacs left them out of the Known World... I don't think "they don't fit", it's just that they were never well integrated in the rest of the KW, but would be easy to do it just increasing trade, making them more common as travelers in other nations and increasing their political weight..."
Indeed historically many nations of north american natives both in Canada and in the US for many years had complex relations with England, France and european colonists and many, like Iroquois, Cherokee (along with the "Five Civilized Tribes) and Lenape (Delaware) were virtually recognized as independent states...
I recall that in one of the almanacs there was an invasion by alphatian wizards, that could have been interesting if the Atruaghin lands would have become a sort of new Alphatia, but it ended without external consequences, so kind of a missed opportunity...
But I have some other ideas to bring Atruaghin clans out of their apparent isolation.

Atruatzin returns!

An adventurer becomes more and more famous in Athenos and Tenobar... People say that he came from the far away Savage Coast and has found an incredible magical treasure that has made him incredibly rich... In reality the adventurer is an avatar of Atruaghin, or a man chosen by him: eventually he will arm a fleet to invade Children of the Viper lands from the sea. He will defeat the clergy of Atzanteotl and open the new nation to the outside world, bringing eventually the other clans into the fold....
(This scenario is inspired by Cortes conquest of Mexico)

That would obviously require more development.. what kind of new nation will come from this?
What if this is only the beginning of Atruaghin's plan, that will go on with an invasion of Azcan lands in the Hollow World, thus creating also a permanent and reliable road from the Outer World to the Hollow World, and a powerful empire that spans both?

Children of the Wolf
(or Deer, or Panther)

Back to the Five Civilized Tribes
It's odd that they were the only major cultural group of native americans left out from Gaz14, yet they had a distinct and rich culture and a complex and advanced society.. what if the Children of the Wolf escaped from Atruaghin lands back in the days of humanoid invasions, going as far as the Borean Valley... many centuries later they are returning, escaping from powerful enemies, but bringing back an advanced culture, powerful magic and 150.000 people or more...
What will Darokin do?
How will the arrival of the new people change the clans?

Children of the Elephant

The sixth clan (or seventh, if you want to use the above scenario about Children of the Wolf) is the most elusive of all: indeed it's completely unknown to the outside world, even to educated scholars.. The Children of the Elephants are a peaceful and patient clan that took its name from the big mammal that live in their woods. Patience however doesn't last forever: they have waited many years for the Children of the Viper to come to their senses and renounce the cult of Atzanteotl, but enough it's enough. Now they are about to start a massive invasion of their lands: the dark god religion will be eradicated and one united nation will be formed, powerful in magic and military strenght...

(I mean, if there are elephants in Sind I doubt they respect a border that, incidentally, no one watches


In Darokin City the visit of several Atruaghin representatives spread an "atruaghin trend" in all the nation: with the interest for atruaghin culture and products on a meteoric rise, some members of the poorest copper class begin to view atruaghins as a symbol of freedom and social justice. In the major cities gangs of atruaghin-inspired rebels begin to form and clash with the authorities, assailing members of the gold class, rich houses, guilds. A small but steady stream of people even start to emigrate toward Atruaghin lands, received with some perplexity by the Bear clan and welcomed as willing human sacrifices by the Tiger clan...

(This scenario is inspired by the true story of the Mohocks London gang)

The Spirits are not dead

When the Atruaghin clans defeated the alphatian wizards in 1011 AC, the invaders were not killed but captured by the shamans. After some years of captivity "the spirits" became more compliant and agreed to share their magical secrets with the shamans in exchange for a new home for them and their families.

That would change deeply Atruaghin lands over the years: alphatian wizards will build magical towers but to a great extent they will also adopt atruaghin culture. In time the lands will become a center of magical learning capable of competing against Glantri...