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Thyatian Hinterlands (Four Kingdoms)

by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Diulanna - Courage, strength of will, perseverance, hunting, liberty
Mother Nature (Djaea) - Survival of living races, natural balance, respect of life, druidism
Brian (Frey) - Passion, strategy, loyalty, friendship, virility, fertility
Donegal (Thor) - War, battle, fury in battle, honour, bravery
Viuden (Odin) - Good government, authority, sky, storms, winds, guile, knowledge, wisdom
Vanya - Victory, war, conquest, pride, honour, strength
Protius - Oceans and marine creatures, water, capriciousness, travel
Tarastia - Law, order, truth, justice and just vengeance
1. The area known to the Thyatians as the Thyatian Hinterlands or Davanian Protectorate, or more simply Thratia (given that it’s original inhabitants are the Thratians). The natives instead call it “the Four Kingdoms”, since the Davanian coast was originally divided into four territories, each controlled by one of the major clans that live there.
2. Each clan of Thratians worship one Immortal in particular as patron, who is considered the parent of the founder of the clan. Therefore Donegal is associated to the Wolf clan, Brian to the Horse clan, Viuden to the Raven clan (the only one conquered by the Thyatians) and Diulanna to the Lion clan. Any tribe belonging to the Raven clan however (bound to totem acquired following the arrival in Davania), has been detached from the clan when it’s chiefs decided to surrender to the Thyatians, and now fight a guerrilla war everyday in order to assert the sovereignty on their own territory and drive away the invaders. These tribes (all faithful to Diulanna and associated to the Lion clan) are known as the Rhinoceros, Leopard and Jackal clans, and have sought to regain the lost freedom and supplanting the Raven clan to dominate this region of the Davanian coast.
3. The native Thratians also follow a druidic philosophy, derived from the Neathar philosophy of the dawn that from the contacts with the neighbouring and mysterious Emerondians. For this Mother Nature (Djaea) has followers in all the Thratian tribes, where the druids act as guardians and protectors of the hunting lands, and are treated with the same respect of the priests of Viuden, who instead operate as advisers, prophets and judges.
4. Based on what is said in Dawn of the Emperors, many elves live in the northern region of the Jungle Coast together with the Thratians. It is plausible that the majority give devotions to Mother Nature, and some worship Brian (Frey). They are probably the descendents of a group of elves that during the migration on the Rainbow Path left it by choice or by mistake by the group of Mealiden and landed in the Jungle Coast, ending up living with the Thratians and adjusting to their lifestyle.
5. The fortified city of Raven Scarp arose on the ancient meeting point of the Raven clan, the only one that the Thyatians have successfully subdued and warped in the colonisation of the Davanian coast. In the Thyatian community Vanya gathers the prayers of the majority of the colonists (given that many of them are military). Also Protius has a temple on a peak in the Sea of Dread, and seeing that the oceanic travel is the only means that connects Davania to the motherland, as well as a source of sustenance through the fish, the prayers to Protius from part of seamen and fishermen are wasted. Tarastia finally is invoked to bring order and peace into the region often afflicted by the attacks of the unpredictable and indomitable Thratian rebels.