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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Yagrai - Humanoids, obstinacy and tenacity, death and necromancy
Lizard King (Demogorgon) - Reptiles and lizardmen, destruction, necromancy, corruption
Jammudaru - Vengeance, violence, torture, fear
Ka - Rakasta, protection of life, prosperity, healing, magic, knowledge, wisdom
1. Addakia is for the large part a mountainous region to the west of the Meghala Kimata and of the Hinterlands, which faces northward on the Sea of Dread and to the west on the Addakian Sound, which divides it from the western region of Davania and Izonda. The northernmost coastal part is formed by the so-called Amalur Lowlands, an area of marshes and swamps populated by tribes of fierce lizardmen that have enslaved the local troglodytes and fervently worship the Lizard King (Demogorgon). To the south instead stretches the Addakian Mountains, abode of fierce tribes of humanoids that arrived in Davania from the Serpent Peninsula when a group of tribes, which on entering into conflict with Wogar, abandoned its migration and were directed southwards passing through the peninsula, until arriving on the Davanian coast. Centuries later they were driven from within of the Milenian Empire, and they stopped in the Addakian Mountains and in the desert of the Meghales Amosses.
2. The term Addakia was coined by the Milenians, and derives from the name of the most powerful humanoid tribe that were driven from the Green Coast by the arrival of the Milenians, and were forced to shelter on the mountains of the interior. These humanoids are mainly goblins and hobgoblins faithful to Yagrai that live in complexes of caverns among the mountains, and clans of orcs and hill giants that worship Jammudaru.
3. On the eastern coast of the Addakian Sound and on the lower slopes of the Addakian Mountains live tribes of courageous Simbasta rakasta, which compete with the humanoids and lizardkin for the possession of territory and the more fertile areas. Once allies of the Milenians, these simbasta today live divided from the rest of the rakasta tribes of eastern Davania, and among them the veneration of Ka, patron of the rakasta and creator of the universe, is popular.