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Alatian Isles (Aegos, Aeria, Gaity, Ne’er-do-well)

by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Alphatia - Arts, beauty, harmony, peace, order, protect Alphatia, oppose Alphaks
Koryis - Peace, prosperity, diplomacy, mercy, tolerance, respect of laws
Terra - Creation and protection of all forms of life, balance of the life cycle, birth, prosperity and fertility, nature, agriculture
Tourlain - Perseverance, cleverness, sacrifice, luckless, anarchy
Palartarkan - Magic regarding air and flight, astronomy and astrology, elemental plane of air
Valerias - Love, passion, desire, sexuality, protection, arts
Rathanos - Fire, energy, power, male supremacy, pride
Talitha - Self gratification at the expense of others, egocentricity, deceit, betrayal, greed, thieves, assassins
Alphaks - Destroy Alphatia and the Alphatians, hate, vengeance, massacre
1. There are four Alatian Islands: Aegos, Aeria, Gaity and Ne’er-do-well. Each of them is populated by Alphatians of second class (with the exception of Aeria) and is considered a kingdom submitted to Alphatia. Their inhabitants aren’t known for being devoted worshippers of the Immortals, but any cult is also able to set roots in the Alatians.
2. Aegos was the centre of a great zoo that however was closed when its “guests” escaped spreading panic on the island. Now it is simply a small farming community without pretensions, where Alphatians with no magic ability try to lead a peaceful life without much magic between the feet. Terra is the Immortal patroness of this folk, and together with Koryis and Alphatia possesses many followers on the island.
3. Aeria is the most Alphatian of the four islands, the centre of an important college of magic (the University of Aeria) that studies the power of the air and gravity, in competition with the School of Floating Ar. The students that populate Aeria aren’t extremely religious, in the classic style of the Alphatian aristocrats, even if there is a temple present dedicated to Palartarkan and those that seek inspiration in order to resolve any type of mystery concerning the arcane arts often turn to him for help. The rest of the common folk that live on Aeria (a minority) are instead faithful to the precepts of Koryis.
4. Gaity is a real paradise in which the more wealthy mages and the humans wishing to relax and enjoy life from time to time, and bases its internal economy on the tourism and on the gratifying any pleasure of its customers thanks to magical and mundane means. Valerias is the undisputed patroness of the island, extremely loved by its inhabitants and appreciated also by the visitors for the philosophy of the pleasure that her clerics were preaching. Also Alphatia herself has some followers and a temple dedicated to her, frequented by those that search the peace of the senses and the harmony with the creation rather than the instinctive impulses and the awakening of the passions offered by the adepts of Valerias.
5. Ne’er-do-well was founded with the name of Artesia as a centre in which to develop new techniques of crafts in order to compete with the continent, but wasn’t successful because of the remote position and finally it became a real anarchic kingdom, enriched through suspicious racketeering and clandestine smuggling activities. There are few inhabitants of Ne’er-do-well who define themselves as believers, and usually is divided into worshippers of Tourlain (a native Immortal who protects the anarchists, the smart and the outcasts) and of Talitha (a much more ruthless and egotistic Alphatian Immortal, whose cultists have always tried to gain control of this kingdom of thieves). Ne’er-do-well also houses limited sect of cruel worshippers of Alphaks that exploit the illegality reigning in the kingdom in order to bring forward plans of destruction and vengeance against the Alphatians of every race and social class in the territory of the Alatians.
6. In the islands of Aeria and Aegos are furthermore present Thothian communities inhabited by the descendents of those Thothians that once controlled the two islands (that were made part of the Kingdom of Thothia before Alphatia took it from them). These Thothians aren’t followers of the Aranea mysticism of the motherland, but have remained linked to the Cult of the True Flame (Rathanos), and collaborate with the other adepts of the mysticism of Rathanos that live on the Dawn in order to over throw the dictatorship of the Aranea.