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Almarrón (Savage Barony)

by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

The Ambassador (Masauwu) - Politics, diplomacy, intrigue
Valerias - Love, passion, beauty, Arts
Milan (Mealiden) - Travel, adventure, audacity
The General (Thor) - War, courage, honour
The Judge (Tarastia) - Justice, law, revenge
1. In Almarrón, religion is not an important question for all, but is followed with fervour only by a few; the majority of the population are satisfied of recommending this or that patron from time to time.
2. The Ambassador is worshipped by the majority of the population’s believers, he is identified as the patron of common sense, politics and diplomacy as democratic methods of government, that’s important in a barony that has seen formidable political upheavals and popular revolts in the last century. The actual Baron, Maximilian de Almarrón y Escudor, encourages the veneration of the Ambassador for making his more calm and moderate compatriots more stormy and disputatious.
3. Valerias and Milan are the two Immortals most worshipped by the few Almarróńans that are really interested in spiritual questions, as they perfectly embody the adventurous and passionate spirit of these folk.
4. The General is invocated as protector of the people and honour by all the military and war veterans that participated in the state coup that removed the preceding dictator, Don Esteban.