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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Razud - Self-determination, independence, liberty, courage, strength, authority, Alphatians
Thor - War, battle, fury in battle, honour, bravery
Frigg (Terra) - Creation, balance of the life cycle, birth, prosperity, fertility, earth, shepherds and farmers
Odin-Authority, guile, knowledge, wisdom, sky, storms, winds
Koryis - Peace, prosperity, diplomacy, mercy, tolerance, respect of laws
Bemarris - Battle, strength, exterminate dragons, defend Norwold
1. The cult of Razud is the dominate faith in the nation of Alpha, founded by Alphatian colonists and also inhabited by the natives. The fact in particular that Razud preaches self-determination and self-sufficiency is a teaching that the Alphans have taken as their own motto, in the attempt of separation from the motherland Alphatia and attain itís own place in the world, forgetting the Alphatian caste system and founding more egalitarian laws. The King of Alpha, Ericall son of the Empress, is the first supporter of the philosophy of independence from Norwold and a great admirer of the cult of Razud, which serves to cement the rapport between the Alphatian immigrants and the native Antalians, so much so that now both are simply considered ďAlphansĒ.
2. The Asatru is also naturally rooted in the domination of Alpha, but there are only three Immortals formally worshipped and who have had a temple erected in this area of Norwold, or Odin (Father of Men), Frigg (his wife, Immortal of fertility) and the bold Thor, the defender of mortals, lord of battle and enemy of the giants (who for the Alphans are among the worst blights together with pirates and winter) who is worshipped by the Alphan soldiers.
3. Koryis has a temple in the capital Alpha and some followers in the city, principally pacifist and wealthy Alphatians that seek to maintain the status quo. The extremely pacifist philosophy of Koryis isnít well observed by the more warlike inhabitants of Norwold, but it isnít lacking from gathering approval also among the most uneasy classes.
4. Clerics and followers of Alphaks and Talitha act in secret in the kingdom of Alpha for creating disorder and arrange murders and head revolts to destroy the Alphatians and the Alphatian presence in Norwold. They donít have their real place of worship, and always move around in secret, operating in the majority of cases in independently from the others.