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Immortals actively worshipped by the Atruaghin Clans

by Marco Dalmonte

Tahkati Stormtamer
Hattani Stoneclaw
Mahmatti Running Elk
Ahmanni Turtle Rider
Danel Tigerstripes

1. The Atruaghins are descendants of the Azcans who once dwelt on a plateau south-west of the current Darokinian Republic. They believe in shamanism, a mystic religious philosophy that associates the power of a specific totem animal to whole groups of people (clans and tribes) and to individual characters. They also worship Atruaghin as the Great Father of the Clans, and share a similar mysticism towards the Ancestors of the Five Clans, the heroes who protected and shaped the clans which now are considered the Children of Atruaghin. Tahkati, Hattani, Mahmatti and Ahmanni are the divine founders of the four major clan (Horse, Bear, Elk and Turtle respectively), all of them followers of Atruaghin's word and his most trusted allies and servants.
2. Atzanteotl and Danel are the only two immortals opposing the Atruaghin pantheon. However, despite the Tiger clan was founded by dissident Danel, it is Atzanteotl's clerics who wield the most power inside the tribes, while Danel's cult has been placed under Atzanteotl's worship as much as the four forefathers are below Atruaghin's power. Danel's clerics (20% of the total Tiger clan clerics) are especially concerned with war and hunting, while Atzanteotl's clerics (80%) rule the community and hold sacrifices and funeral rites.