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Bayou (Ator, Cay and Shazak)

by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Ka’ar (Ka) - Shazak, knowledge, wisdom, prosperity, trade
Cay (Terra) - Cayma, earth, life, prosperity, fertility, order
Kutul (Kurtulmak) - Cayma, subterfuge and traps, guile, war, fire, chaos
Goron (Demogorgon) - Ator, destruction, death, bravery
1. The region of the Bayou is made up of a nucleus of marshes around which evolved a prevalently swampy and forest-covered territory. This area is divided into the three domains of Ator, Cay and Shazak, inhabited by species akin to the lizardkin. They each worship their own patron Immortals on the basis of non-codified shamanistic practises, and erecting cairns or using natural locations as sacred sites for religious veneration.
2. In Cay, the chaotic cult of Kutul is associated with the caste of fighters that balances most lawful of Cay dominated by the shaman caste, creating a cosmic balance.