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Elves, Blacklore

by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

With the Blacklore Elves it is indicated that they are all an anonymous clan that lives in an isolated valley in the south of the Hollow World and donít worship any Immortal (they are agnostics), preferring to trust to science and technology in order to resolve their physical and spiritual problems. They in fact are the last descendents of the Grunlander elves who refused to follow the Way of the Forest preached by Ilsundal and remained faithful to the Blackmoorian science, finishing with the gradually succumbing when the technological machines ceased to function. In an excess of magnanimity, in 2410 BC Ka thought to preserve this culture by transferring it into the cold lands of the south pole inside the Hollow World, in a hidden valley among the mountains, and to isolate it he created a magical barrier that guarantees the functioning of their technological devices only and exclusively within the valley (although the mechanical components would in this case act by magic, unbeknown to the elves). In this way, it has assured that the Grunlander elven civilisation continues to exist, and at the same time that the Blackmoorian technology could constitute a threat or deployed in the rest of the world, given that once brought outside of the magical barrier any device will cease to function. Currently the Blacklore elves (an extremely peaceful people who have little inclination for physical conflict) left that have the automatons created by them to operate all the machines and to carry out the more onerous or hard work, while they are dilettantes occupying themselves with the arts, philosophy and culture, according to rather bizarre and extremely peculiar taste.