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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Hel - Reincarnation, death, darkness and cold energy, corruption
Karaash - Humanoids, strength, war, victory, conquest, tactics
Ninfangle - Rakasta, hunting, travel, bravery, adventure, travel, battle
Luup (Loup) - Lupins, death, winter, ferocity, survival of the strongest, night, nomadism, loyalty to clan
Ka - Protection of life, knowledge, prosperity, wisdom, magic, lizardkin, stone giants
Wogar - Goblins, war and military tactics, conquest, ferocity, predators
Kiranjo - Minotaurs, greed, violence, fury, cruelty, massacre
Great One - Dragons and lizardkin, creation, justice, knowledge, magic
1. The Borean Valley houses the ancient humanoid centre of Urzud, perhaps a Blackmoorian colony ruin that saw the proliferation and the transformation of the beastmen into the actual humanoid races. Urzud is at this point a settlement devastated and unrecognisable by the tribal wars, and the various humanoid communities that live in the surrounding land are followers of Karaash, Hel and Wogar. The lupins are supporters of Luup, while the rakasta adore Ninfangle and Ka; this last one also has followers among the stone giants and any lizardkin settlements. Kiranjo is worshipped by the minotaurs and by some tribes of humanoid and human raiders, while the Great One has proselytes among the draconic communities in the mountains and on the ancient Blackmoorian sites by now reduced to ruins.