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Immortals actively worshipped in the Broken Lands

by Marco Dalmonte

And to boot, here's the list of immortals worshipped in the Broken Lands!

Karaash (Hong-Tzu) (all humanoids)
Yagrai (orcs and hobgoblins)
Wogar (Wong-Ah) (goblins & hobgoblins)
Kurtulmak (kobolds)
Bartziluth (bugbears)
Ranivorus (gnolls)
Jammudaru (ogres)
Atzanteotl (evil humanoids)

1. Broken Lands' trolls are too primitive and stupid to even think about worshipping something. Shamans among them are rare (and they are all Bagni's followers) and there are no signs of public places of worship. For this reason Bagni's cult doesn't appear in the list, even if he counts some followers also among the most brutal ogres.