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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Finidel - Brasolia, family, patriotism, hope, justice
Brindorhin - Halfling, patriotism, security, family, abundance, prosperity
Raith - Just vengeance, honour, order, truth
Ixion - Light, sun, fire, strength, war, knowledge, preserve order
Valerias - Love, passion, desire, arts, beauty, protection, charity
Ordana - Protection of forests and sylvan races, nature, fertility
Paarkum - Order, justice, virtue, fidelity, loyalty, sincerity
Viuden (Odin) - Good government, authority, sky, storms, winds, guile, knowledge, wisdom
Ninfangle - Rakasta, bravery, adventure, travel, battle, hunting
Varellya (Vanya) - Victory, war, conquest, pride, honour, strength
Karaash - Humanoids, war, victory, conquest, tactics, strength
The Shaper - Peace, charity, equality, justice, tolerance, combat disorder, protect the weak
1. The region of Brasol is squeezed between the Kenathon River to the northeast, the Ice Peaks to the south, the Addakian Sound to the north and the Brasol Range to the west. It is inhabited for the most by humans of Neathar descent that live grouped together in villages, with any nomadic clan that wandered the plains together with herds and flocks. The other ethnic group that share with the humans the Brasolian valley is that of the halflings, once the only rulers of the region from which they originated and that later were forced in part to emigrate in 1500 BC, while those that remained ended up to live close to the mountains after the invasions of the humans and of the humanoids between 1500 and 900 BC. The lynxmen rakasta make up the third most numerous ethnic group that live in Brasol, stopped on the mountains and in the mountain passes most difficult to reach for the humans and halflings, and that therefore are solely dominated by the lynxmen and by the few tribes of humanoids that fight contend with them for the territory.
2. It is thought that Brasolia is a state founded by the hero Finidel and inhabited by the Neathar that lived in the Aryptian Basin around the year 1000 BC, migrated southwards in the course of the preceding millennium in several waves. Part of these Neathar would later travelled across Brasol and would reach Pelatan in 800 BC. The foundation of Brasolia was after this last migration, and goes back to the V century BC, when Finidel was able to unite the Neathar clans and the halfling survivors, freeing the valleys and the Brasolian hills from the green dragons that had been settled there for at least three centuries. After having built the capital Five Hills in the centre of Brasol, renamed the new kingdom Brasolia, in order to understand the legacy of the old halfling kingdom on which it was founded, and thanks to the support of Brindorhin, was able himself to become an Immortal. Brasolia doesn’t make up all the flat regions of Brasol, but at least the half of the human population and all the halflings live in Brasolia and also worship, besides Finidel and Brindorhin, Raith (a local hero considered patron of just vengeance and truth), Ordana (whose cult goes back to the ancient halfling customs), Ixion and Valerias (patrons of love, good, beauty and the arts), Paarkum (Varellyan patron Immortal of virtue, order and justice), and the Shaper (a benevolent and peaceful Immortal who has entered to become part of the Brasolian pantheon only in the last centuries, by the intercession of the clerics of Paarkum that they have received some missionaries). The rest of the humans that live in Brasol venerate Ixion and Valerias (whose faiths were ingrained in these Neathar tribes), Viuden (Odin, uranic Neathar Immortal, protector of the nomads and shepherds), and Varellya (that is Vanya, patroness of victory and war, followed by the more warlike Brasolians and heritage of the exchanges and of the subjection to the defunct Varellyan Empire).
3. Ninfangle found numerous followers among the lynxmen rakasta that live scattered throughout the Brasol Range, while Karaash is honoured by all those humanoids that live in the mountains that surround Brasol.