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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Ka-gar (Kagyar) - Crafts, sculpture, construction
Tha-to (Thanatos) - Death, destruction, oblivion
1. The Brute-Men are primitive humans (homo sapiens) who live in the caverns and know the use of simple stone tools and of fire. They were saved from extinction by Kagyar (who once also belonged to this race), who in 6000 BC transferred them into the Hollow World when the last brute-men were at risk of succumbing because of internecine war unleashed by Thanatos. The war re-ignited suddenly in 5300 BC and also lasted for centuries in Hollow World, until when the Immortals discovered that it was the great annelids, sent by Thanatos that made the brute-men mad. In 5000 BC the Counsel of the Hollow World cast the Spell of Preservation that safeguards the culture of the brute-men and reduced all the great annelids to a comatose state. From that moment the brute-men have successfully re-established the peace between the tribes and have spread over the great plain that borders with the land of the Hutaaka to the west, of the Kogolors to the north and of the Nithians to the south.
2. The Brute-Men are all followers of the great Ka-gar, protector of life, dispenser of fire and of the manufacturing skill that permits the creation of items with which to improve their life. Some of the more aggressive tribes however, secretly follow the precepts of Tha-to, lord of death and destruction, bent to his will because of the weak but still present influence of his clerics and of the messages that some great annelids send in dreams to those brute-men that live near to their graves.