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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Ka - Protection of life, wisdom, healing, prosperity, magic
Karaash - Humanoids, war, victory, strength
Hel - Death, reincarnation, corruption, darkness and cold energy
1. The Beastmen are humanoid creatures with bestial features, without genetic likeness between parents and children and without a single size (they range from 90 cm of height of the smallest to 4 m as an example of the tallest). They live in the cold expanses close to the polar aperture, which is similar to their ancestral lands on the surface which were created by Hel and lived for centuries before the Great Rain of Fire. Their land is bordered to the east with the mountains of the Antalians and the giants, to the south with the mountains of the Icevale elves and the plains of the Neathar, and to the west with the mountain range that divides them from the Azcan Empire, while the northern border is made up by the opening of the North Pole. The beastmen were transported by Ka into the Hollow World, when the Immortal had realised that they had begun to assume regular physical characteristics and the species would be extinguished in order to give life to a series of humanoid races with definitive traits (the goblinoids). So he sent premonitory dreams to the leaders of the different tribes and guided them on a long migration towards the polar opening, until they arrived in the northernmost areas of the Icirian continent and decided to settle there in 2400 BC. Ka was later preoccupied of arresting the genetic deviation that was happening in the outer world and make a way that they could continue to reproduce without duplicating physical characteristics to safeguard the uniqueness of the species.
2. According to the Hollow World manual, the beastmen worship Ka above all, who is the only Immortal to pay heed to them. It is nevertheless hypothetical that among them Karaash, patron of humanoids, battle and strength, also enjoys a discreet following seeing that among the beastmen the most important thing is demonstrating their own strength and greatness in battle. Hel has also been inserted among the Immortals worshipped since she had been the creator of the race and it is thought that several tribes are still faithful to her and to her ideals of death and destruction.