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Cimarron (Savage Barony)

by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

The General (Thor) - War, courage, honour
Kagyar - Crafts, metallurgy, weapons from fire
Valerias - Love, passion, fertility, arts
The Judge (Tarastia) - Justice, law
1. In the County of Cimarron the religion is not considered important, and to the contrary the majority of the Cimarrons are scorned in the struggles of the Immortals, love to define themselves of the audacious that challenge their luck and donít curry the favour of the Immortals. The General is however recognised by most as the only figure of importance, often equated to the figure of the General Cimarron, the human that unified and made the state independent.
2. Kagyar is worshipped by all the dwarves present in Cimarron and by the majority of craftsmen, independently of their race. He is also the recognised patron of firearms and metallurgy in general.
3. Valerias enjoys a large following among the gauchos and the shrewdest adventurers, while the Judge is the preferred patron by the humans of honour (honourbound) together with the General.
4. Most of the countyís inhabitants are tortles, and they follow their own religious mythos that has nothing to do with the Immortals worshipped by the other races. However, they do not possess a true and proper place of worship in Cimarron, and prefer to hold their annual ceremonies in the ancient sacred places of their race. Not all are able to go in pilgrimage in these areas, since they are outside of the Savage Baronies and the path is long and dangerous, and for this they are content to privately worshipping their protectors, Father Earth (Ka) and Mother Ocean (Calitha), paying daily homage to small stone idols and seashells that each tortle family keeps in their own house.