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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Gorm - Justice, war, storms
Usamigaras - Magic, healing, messengers, thieves, guile
Madarua - Women warriors, courage, natural cycle, fertility
Demogorgon - Corruption, destruction, necromancy, witchcraft, lizardmen
1. Cynidicea is a city–state built underground near the south–western border of the desert of Ylaruam, a small distance from the mountains that lead to Thyatis and from the pass that leads to Selenica. Founded by the Traldars around the V century BC, Cynidicea became a powerful kingdom under the guide of its first king, Gorm, thanks to him obtaining an artefact which rendered it invisible to the eyes of the desert raiders. Next, during digging for the construction of the tomb of the last rulers of Cynidicea, the King Alexander and the Queen Zenobia, they accidentally discovered the ancient tomb of Zargon, an extremely evil millenarian being. Opened by the Cynidiceans, Zargon was awoken and started to bring corruption to the city. The followers of Zargon destroyed the artefact of Gorm and captured of the capital, sending in ruin the kingdom, which was taken by an assault of the desert raiders and finally fell in 313 BC. The survivors sought refuge in subterranean caverns, where with time they reconstructed the lost city of Cynidicea. The descendents of the ancient Cynidiceans are divided into three sects, each of these worship one of the Immortal protectors of Cynidicea. However, although Gorm, Madarua and Usamigaras (one time rulers of Cynidicea) are united in protecting their descendents, their followers are in a continuing struggle in the attempt for one of the three sects to prevail over the others and dominate the city.
2. In the module B4 that describes Cynidicea, the only enemy of the Cynidiceans is Zargon, a reptilian millenarian creature who lives in the Isle of Death. It is thought that he is not a real Immortal (based on the description given in the module), but simply a demonic being mandated to torment Cynidicea by his patron Demogorgon, given the affinity of this Immortal with evil reptilian creatures that dwell in the Alasiyan basin in ancient temples and of which Zargon could be a representative.