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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Dun (Terra) - Creation, balance of the life cycle, birth, prosperity, fertility, earth, shepherds and farmers
Viuden (Odin) - Good government and authority, sky, storms, winds, knowledge
Dallbard (Tiresias) - Poetry and music, legends, dreams, revelations, visions, magic
Brian (Frey) - Passion, strategy, virility, loyalty, friendship, fertility, agriculture
Brianna (Freyja) - Abundance, fertility, beauty, love, women warriors
Donegal (Thor) - War, battle, fury in battle, honour, bravery
Manadyn (Protius)-Water, oceans, marine creatures, capriciousness, travel
Mother Nature (Djaea) - Survival of living races, natural balance, respect of life, druidism
Arnelee - Independent women, liberty, loyalty, adventure, travel, sincerity, knowledge, guile, messengers
1. The more powerful Dunadalian clans can trace their descent directly back to Dun, who according to the legend dwelt in this region before the arrival of the three brothers Viuden, Manadyn and Bel, and he had given birth to these people. For this she is still today the most worshipped Immortal, considered the mother of the Dunadalians, and immediately after her come her spouse Viuden and their children Brian, Brianna and Donegal. Bel and his blood relations instead donít enjoy followers, as they considered enemies of some of the Dunadalian clans because of old tribal feuds with the southern clans that worship these Immortals.
2. The clerics of Dallbard are extremely respected by the Dawners and frequently travel from one part to another of the regions in the positions of judges and advisors of the clan heads.
3. A druidic cult founded by the Neathar has existed since their arrival in 2000 BC, which has been handed down from father to son. There are many Dawners that worship Mother Nature, to worry of how is will be thought, since they consider nature as a force that permeates the isle rather than as a person in the same way as the ancient Immortals. For this on the isle Djaea can claim many followers and various priests, which have always been educated in the preservation and respect of the territory in which they live.
4. Arnelee also enjoys a discrete following in Dunadale, given that her mortal deeds passed into legend and now is considered one of the Immortal daughters of Viuden, patroness of courage, travel and liberty.
5. Nyt has some followers among the humanoids that infest the swamps and hills of Dunadale (especially troll and kobolds). The cult of Talitha is secretly popular among some thieves and unscrupulous profiteers, while Alphaks reaped approval among the more extreme fringes of Dunadalian natives that seek to over throw the domineering Alphatians.