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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Idris - Vengeance, intrigue, domination, destroy elves, magic, humanoids, dragons, naga, wyverns
Karaash - Humanoids, war, victory, conquest, tactics, strength
He Who Watches (Odin) - Authority, good government, fairness, knowledge, wisdom, magic, sky, storms, winds, air
Frey - Passion and strategy in battle, virility, loyalty, friendship, agriculture and fertility
Thor - War, battle, fury in battle, honour, bravery
Bartziluth - Fury, war, combat
Freyja - Women warriors, fertility, love, abundance, beauty, Seidh (prophecy), valiant souls
Hel - Death, reincarnation, darkness, cold energy
1. The information that the adventure X11, Saga of the Shadowlord supplies on the religion of Denagoth is fragmentary. The only certain thing is that it is a nation with a strong humanoid presence and in which dominates the cult of the Immortal Idris, Immortal linked to dragons (due to her symbol), revered both by humans and humanoids and devoted to the extermination of the elven race. The Church of Essuria (the ancient religion of the Denagothians) has been absorbed and modified by the priests of the Cult of Idris in ways to present their Immortal as the protector of the human and humanoid communities of Denagoth, and over the course of centuries it has tried to implant into her followers hatred towards the elven blood, cementing instead the alliance with the humanoids and the respect in the battles of the dragons as creatures considered superior to mortals. The dragons of Norwold have always welcomed this philosophy and respect, until the Great One discovered that Idris aimed to create a nation of half-dragons using her followers as guinea pigs for the experiments. From then the Great One and the lawful dragons, in particular, of Norwold have been ruthless enemies of Idris and the Denagothians, with Diamond intending to watch the moves of the enemy, while Idris and her followers possess enough charisma to be able to frequently convince the more chaotic dragons to do their part in the fight against the draconic hierarchy.
2. Due to the massive presence of humanoids in Denagoth and the favourable politics advanced by the followers of Idris in the battles of these races, the cults of Karaash, Bartziluth and Hel are likewise widespread in Denagoth and some humans havenít made a secret of embracing the dogma, even if weíre talking about a narrow minority.
3. The majority of the Denagothian humans are of Antalian descent and still worship Father Odin as creator of the world, even if the repressive politics of the Cult of Idris has made almost clean sweep of the Antalian traditions in order to attempt to create a new Denagothian national identity marked by the doctrine of Idris. Only the cults of Odin and the heroes, Thor, Frey and Freyja, are remain as a testimony of the Antalian roots of these people, tolerated by the Church of Essuria as they donít damage the Denagothian interests but are closely controlled.