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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Calitha (Felidae, Mother Ocean) - Tortles, oceans, lakes and rivers, travel, fertility, good luck
Ka (Father Earth, Ka’ar) - Tortles, protection of life, prosperity, knowledge, wisdom
Saimpt Mâtin (Brother Shell) - Tortles and lupins, security, protection, guardians, martyrs
Saimpt Ralon (Sister Grain) - Tortles and lupins, fertility, health, prosperity, agriculture, healing
Saimpt Renard (Korotiku) - Liberty, clear thinking, wisdom, guile, jokes, fun
Tarastia (The Judge, Pax Bellanica) - Justice, law, order
The Merchant (Asterius) - Trade, wealth, travel, guile, social climbing, messengers
Kagyar - Crafts and metallurgy
The Ambassador (Masauwu) - Politics, diplomacy, intrigue
Bastet - Rakasta, felines, capriciousness, fortune, vitality, fertility
The General (Thor) - War, courage, honour
Milan (Mealiden) - Travel, adventure, bravery
Saimpt Malinois - Lupin, hunting, war, courage, just vengeance, weapons and armourers
Ixion (Tabak, Idu) - Sun, fire, knowledge, preserving the balance and the universal order
Terra (Yamag) - Balance of the life cycle, earth, birth, prosperity and fertility
Saimpt Clébard - Lupins, patriotism, loyalty, fidelity, progress, nobility, family
Saimpt Loup - Lupins, death, winter, ferocity, survival of the strong, night, nomadism, loyalty to clan
1. Dunwick was born as an outpost founded by the Brotherhood of Order and became a tradepost when the brotherhood was transformed into the LB Trading Company, a mercantile company widespread in all the Savage Coast (the initials stand for Lawful Brotherhood). Today the LB possesses almost half of the buildings and of the commercial activities of the city, that totals about 22,000 inhabitants, made up for the majority by tortles (about 50%). Dunwick also houses important human, rakasta and lupin communities, while lizardkin, humanoid scorpions, goblinoids, Wallara and any phanaton live in the immediate vicinity. The majority of the activities of the LB utilise tortles as labour and enlist Torreóners mercenaries and Texeiran marines as trusted guards.
2. Dunwick rose on an ancient sacred territory of the tortles, who have here many sacred sites. Therefore the normal tortle Immortals are present (popular however only among the tortles); namely Ka (Father Earth), Calitha (Mother Ocean), and the more recent Ralon (Sister Grain) and Mâtin (Brother Shell).
3. The Church of Renardy has a temple in Dunwick, where all the Renardois Saimpts are worshipped.
4. The rakasta of Dunwick have erected temples dedicated to Pax Bellanica (Tarastia) and Bastet as protector of their race, while the rakasta nomads that inhabit in the surrounding region pay homage to Bastet, ancestor of the rakasta, as well as Ninfangle, patron of adventurers, travellers and hunters, who however possess any sacred places dedicated to him.
5. The goblinoids that live around Dunwick (in all less than three hundred divided into several tribes) are of a less aggressive nature than the Yazi of the north (from which they have been separated for centuries, following the founding of the nations of Robrenn and Eusdria that has cut the contacts with the north), and all worship Tabak (Ixion) and Yamag (Terra).
6. All the lizardkin present in the region of Dunwick (nearly five hundred) are followers of Ka’ar (Ka), and have constructed a temple dedicated to him in a sacred grotto on the coast.
7. The humanoid scorpions that live in cities and in the desert areas around Dunwick are little more than one hundred and worship Idu (Ixion), given that they haven’t been cursed by Ixion as had happened to the tribe that worked to betray Nimmur. They are reserved and self-sufficient, but aren’t openly hostile like the Nimmurians. There exists an isolated, ruined Nithian temple consecrated to Idu in the region, which the manscorpions have claimed and in part restored and that is guarded by an order of chosen priests, in which annually the faithful are gathered in order to pay homage to their protector.
8. The presence of phanaton and Wallara in cities has reduced to a few dozen those individuals who haven’t built any sacred sites, but still privately worship their ancestral and racial Immortals.