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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Ptahr (Kagyar) - Crafts, sculpture, metallurgy
Razud - Self-determination, liberty, independence, courage, strength
Rathanos - Fire, energy, power, male supremacy, pride
1. Ekto is famous for the skills of its craftsmen and in particular of its master metallurgists (the College of Metallurgy is an institution noted in all the Known World). Their secrets descend from a tradition that has its roots in ancient Thothia, and are handed down from generation to generation by the priests of Ptahr only to the most skilled followers. For this the temple of Ptahr is the most powerful and rich of all the cities, and the Immortal enjoys great fame with the Ektans, chosen centuries ago as patron of the city.
2. The cult of Razud dates back to the time of the Alphatian conquest of the city and to the progressive Alphatianisation of Ekto. Its politics of self-determination and independence are extremely appreciated both by the politicians and merchants of this city-state, who have always given monies and confidence to the cult, receiving in exchange protection and support in their endeavours of remaining as independent as possible from the Alphatian Empire and from the other local powers.
3. Rathanos is worshipped by the Cult of the True Flame, which has an ancient temple in the city and some followers of Thothian extract for time immemorial. The cult has sympathisers and affiliates also with Trikelios and in the Thothian kingdom, where however it acts in secret. Indeed his primary objective is overthrowing the Thothian government in the hands of the sect of the Spider of the Night and reinstate the rule of the legitimate protector of Thothia (keeping to the philosophy of the order), or Rathanos. Frequently the followers of Rathanos have sought to implicate the Alphatians in their plans, but after some failed coups, the governors of the city-state of the Dawn have distanced themselves from them, still continuing however to give their asylum and protection. The members of the Cult are at the moment divided between those that secretly leaning to ally themselves with the Thyatians and seek their support in order to conquer Thothia and drive away the Alphatians from the island, gaining the control of the south-eastern part, and those that instead prefer to concentrate their efforts on the physical elimination of the Pharaoh Ramenhotep XXIII and of his diabolic consort, later affirming the total independence of Thothia from both the Empires of Alphatia and Thyatis.
4. The Order of Silence has also made numerous proselytes among the bureaucrats and the swindlers of Ekto, and although it doesn’t have a true public place of worship because of the open opposition of the Temple of Razud (who in the city enjoys a major following and power), Talitha receives her slice of worship and tributes also from the more corrupt, egocentric and greedy Ektans.
5. The followers of Vanya (Thyatian Immortal of war and conquest) are scarce in the area and are disliked by Ekto since they are associated to Thyatis, which has always had expansionistic aims and tried to annex Ekto to their empire. In particular the Alphatian guards are constantly in search for the followers of Vanya with the order to jail and torture them, in the conviction that they always led by spies or investigators of the order.