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East Portage

by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Koryis - Peace, prosperity, diplomacy, mercy, tolerance, respect of laws
Razud - Self-determination, strength, independence, courage, authority
Twelve Watchers - Crafts and mysteries
Protius - Oceans and marine creatures, water, capriciousness, travel
Valerias - Love, passion, desire, sexuality, charity, fertility, arts
Talitha - Self-gratification at the expense of others, egocentricity, greed, deceit, discord, betrayal, immorality, thieves and assassins
Alphaks - Destroy Alphatia and the Alphatians, hate, vengeance, massacre
1. East Portage is the twin city of West Portage, founded by the Alphatians with the taking of the island around 490 BC as a trade station for all the goods originating from the Alphatian continent and directed westwards. Because of this it is an extremely prosperous city, the port through which passes all traffic towards the west and large part of those towards the east. East Portage enjoys a discreet governmental autonomy, although the Alphatian troops stationed in the region are a disproportionate number in respect to the current greatness of the dominion, also known as Hillvale, a sign of the evident strategic and commercial interest that the Alphatians maintain in the struggles of this place.
2. Koryis is the Immortal who has gained the major following among the peaceful East Porters, given that he embodies the ideals of peace, authenticity and prosperity that the inhabitants of the city have pursued for a time. East Portage is not known for its weapons or for its military campaigns, but it is kept a rich city and relatively independent thanks to the efforts of politicians and merchants, which on the example of the dictates of Koryis place diplomacy before coercion, deceit and double play.
3. Razud is another great favourite of the Porters, the incarnation of the ideals of independence and self-sufficiency that each inhabitant of the Alphatian colony feels in even more distinct manner in respect to the Alphatians of the motherland. Furthermore, the probity and the passion of his priests have contributed to make the temple of Razud the second in order of preference among the citizens, to whom they frequently address in search of help for any type of problem.
4. Augrism has arrived in the dominion thanks to the proselytism of some dwarven clerics of the Twelve Watchers, which have founded a temple at the start of the V century AC and are able to form a rather wide base of followers by guaranteeing the monies and support in order to prosper.
5. Given its nature as a harbour city, there is also present in East Portage a small cult of Protius, even if the Immortal doesn’t enjoy a following which it has in the other maritime areas of the island, perhaps because of the fact that the wealth of the community is attributed more to the intercession of Koryis than from the protection of Protius.
6. Valerias is worshipped by the East Porters especially thanks to the efforts and to the patronage of the current “Baron” Lornce M’Jozee, an artist and a womanising lover of hedonism and of the good life who has taken the Immortal as his own Immortal protector and was attempting to be part of the high bourgeois of his province an equal taste for hedonism, arts and romanticism thanks to the influence of the cult of Valerias.
7. The secret cults of Alphaks and Talitha act from East Portage in order to influence the various Dawners regions under Alphatian influence and bring disagreement and anarchy, fermenting hate towards the snobbism of the motherland and the irredentist feeling of the colonists until they became true terrorists. In particular, while the Order of Silence (the cult of Talitha in charge of the Isle of Dawn) was able to found temples in the other colonies, the clerics of Alphaks prefer orchestrating all the moves regarding the island from only one point, sending its own adepts on missions when they think its right and keep the connections with the Black Cavern (as is called the secret cavern consecrated to Alphaks in the hills near to East Portage). The Black Herald is the patriarch of the cult of Alphaks on the island and works in an independent manner in respect to the King and Queen of the Volcano of Alphaks. The Order of Silence foresees several leaders for every temple present on the island, without having to answer to a hierarch although they only act to coordinate their efforts when possible.