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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

The Guide (Ilsundal) - Wisdom, knowledge, magic, tradition, serenity, peace, nature
The Guardian (Mealiden) - Loyalty, protection, war
The Adventurer (Eiryndul) - Liberty, guile, jokes, fun, curiosity, adventure
1. The ee’aar pursue a lifestyle that gives two types of subject: those that are dedicated to improve their own body through battle and the codes of a warrior, and those that are dedicated to improving their spirit thanks to the arts and philosophy; even if every ee’aar advances in both disciplines, always one over the other. For this the Guide and the Guardian are the main Immortals of the ee’aar, who are very religious without however ever appearing pedants or zealots.
2. The Adventurer is the patron of all those ee’aar that are in contrast with the traditions, who are in search of novelty and adventure or simply lovers of fun, and pursue a way different from the traditions of their ancestors. Despite not being considered a negative figure, the Adventurer is however a patron little welcome to the elders of the clan and often taken as a model and protector by the young and by the adventurers, to those he embodies the sense of liberty and self-determination that guides their choices dictated more by instinct and passion than by thinking things out and by the lessons of history.