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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Idu (Ixion) - Fire, sun, balance, power, wisdom, knowledge
1. The enduks of Eshu are winged minotaurs, migrated to the central plateau of the Arm of the Immortals in 600 BC thanks to the help of friendly ee’aar, after that the evil humanoid scorpion sohktars they betrayed and hunted them from Nimmur. From that day suspicious of the wingless peoples and tried to re-conquer Nimmur with the help of the ee’aar and any sohktars that still worshipped Idu, guided by the legendary Gildesh, who by the intercession of Idu is returned to life on Mystara every 300 years in order to guide his people (the first incarnation being in 500 BC, the last in 1000 AC). The enduk are fervent supporters of Idu, lord of the sun and of the universal balance, and are extremely religious individuals and bound to tradition. By their vision of the world, any Immortal who is opposed to the sun and to the light of Idu is considered an enemy, even if there isn’t a particular demon that embodies this role in their mysticism (despite Menlil is at the top of the list of the enemies of Idu).
2. According to tradition, Minoides was the enduk that in 800 BC who rebelled against Idu, killing his earthly representative Gildesh, and sought to usurp his position as sovereign of Nimmur. For his insolence and the hurt brought to the favourites of Idu, the Immortal of the sun cursed him together with his supporters, and he lost his wings, transforming into the first minotaur and fled from Nimmur with his brutality, betrayal and violence with the enduk, considered the term of negative comparison by those opposed to the greatness and to the wisdom of Idu. Although he is not an Immortal or considered as such, is however a mythical figure that often reoccurs in the stories in order to symbolise the destructive and evil side of the enduk nature, from which all the true followers must move away from in order to gain the blessing of Idu.