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Immortals actively worshipped in Ethengar

by Marco Dalmonte

Yamuga (Terra)
Tubak (Ixion)

1. The Ethengarians know that there are many immortals in the universe and that all deserve equal respect. However, they also reckon that Tubak, Yamuga and Cretia play a very important role in their life, and therefore they limit their worship to these three immortals. This doesn't mean however that they prohibit the worship of other immortals on their land or that they scorn the other faiths, as long as they do not threaten the internal order of the tribes.
2. There are no permanent temples on the Sea of Grass: clerics honour the immortals using small portable shrines that carry with them constantly while their tribe is on the move, placing them inside their yurt once the tribe settles.
3. Yagrai is worshipped by the few tribes of goblin and orcs still eking out a hard living in the steppes.