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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Vanya - War, conquest, victory, pride, honour
Viuden (Odin) - Sky, storms, winds, authority, good government, knowledge
1. Furmenglaive is a barony with a little less than one thousand inhabitants, in reality a protectorate instituted in 500 AC and situated on the southernmost point of the island. The dominion has been governed from its foundation by the most influential family of the area, Furmenglaive, which had sworn loyalty to Thyatis when the empire was active in those parts in 500 AC in order to bring a check on the proliferation of lycanthropes and undead that threaten both the settlements of the Provincia Septentriona and those of the nearby Ochalese coast. In exchange for the support Thyatian military and a noble title, Furmenglaive has united under its own protection some clans that until then had been independent settlers in the area for centuries and taken charge of the ruling of this lost corner of the island.
2. The cultural roots of the Furmenglaives are similar to that of the Caerdwiccans: are probably the descendents of the Neathar that reached the island in 2000 BC. The two most numerous blocks have settled in the areas of Redstone, Westrourke and Dunadale, while a third group advanced into the Shadow Coast until arriving at the southern coast of the Dawn, ending nevertheless cut off from the rest of the tribe and slowly decimated because of the distance and of the hostile creatures that live in the forests or come down from the Lost Plateau and making trade impossible with the rest of the isle. However, to the opposition of the neighbouring Caerdwicca, the Furmenglaives have welcomed the encroachment of the Thyatian social practices and religion with more favour. Actually indeed next to the ancient cult of Viuden, the temple of Vanya is also present, which seems to receive the preference of the majority of the population. Given the martial nature and pride of the cult of Vanya that had appealed to the more archaic traditions of the Furmenglaives, and the constant protection offered by these warrior clerics against the assaults of the creatures of darkness that live in the Shadow Coast, it has been well welcomed by the natives and many youths in particular each year who, reaching adult age, embark for the continent in the hope of receiving in battle the glory of Vanya promised by the priests. Even the governors of Furmenglaive have been persuaded on the truth of the legend (invented by the handiwork of the clerics of Vanya in order to gain the support of the natives) of the exiled sister reappeared in order to give glory and power to the Dawners that they had united with the Thyatians. They have sided with the Immortals, in an attempt to gain great prestige and acknowledgment in the future.