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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Ilsundal - Protection of elves and nature, wisdom, knowledge, magic, tradition, serenity and peace
Lornasen - Beauty, perfection, elves, nature, charm, plants, spring, fertility
1. Foresthome comprises the wooded region north of the Great Bay, until the Landsplit River, and is also called Lothbarth, associating the area to the name of the forest that it contains. The only inhabitants of the Homes are Shiye elves, descendents of that clan that didnít want to swear fidelity to the crown of Shiye-Lawr nor accept the conversion of the majority of the clan to the faith of Eiryndul. Guided by the princess Lornasen, faithful to the traditions of Ilsundal, these elves emigrated from Alphatia and in 600 BC they settled in the inhospitable forest of High Norwold. However, but thanks to their magical knowledge as well to the help of Ilsundal and of the princess Lornasen (who later became Immortal), succeeding in making Lothbarth an ideal place to, a forest in which the eternal spring has been preserved until to today. The Shiye of Norwold are shy and fiercely independent individuals, and for this they donít have a real and unified kingdom and each prefer living in their own stronghold (1000-1200 elves for each community), acknowledging the title of monarch only to Ilsundal the Wise, reigning Immortal of elven blood.
2. Ilsundal is the main Immortal by the Shiye of Norwold, given that each clan possesses a Tree of life, but also strong with these elves is the cult of Lornasen, Immortal of Beauty and of Eternal Spring, rising to Immortality after having transformed the territory an oasis of beauty and fertility and having risked her life to procure for the elves of Norwold a bough of the Mother Tree of the Sylvan Realm by which probably have been derived the elven relic actually present in Foresthome. The two Immortals collaborate for protecting Foresthome, and according to myth Lornasen is the darling daughter of Ilsundal.