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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Hel - Death, darkness and cold energy
Stodos - Cold, ice, storms, cryons
Jammudaru - Evil giants, vengeance, torture, fear, violence
Hymir - Water and liquids, alchemy, knowledge, revelry
1. The island of Frosthaven is found a small distance from the northern coast of Norwold, inside the artic circle. The frost giants that inhabit the island worship Stodos and Hel as the King and Queen of Ice, the supreme Immortal, and Jammudaru as her General, patron of raiding, of justice (or of vengeance) and of torture. According to the myth, the two rulers are the ancestors of their entire race, and they have given to the giants the ability of resisting inclement weather and the strength for dominating weaker creatures. The society of Frosthaven is based on the code of the strongest: he who has demonstrated that he is superior to the others in physical strength and a talent to dominant the weaker. The giants are divided into clans, each led by a Jarl, and all the jarls are independent, often fight among each other with the approval of the Immortal. Only during the harshest winters, when the channel with Norwold freezes, the tribes are gathered in order to elect a Leader, the bravest and most charismatic giant, who guides the contingent formed from warriors of all the clans to make raids into the lands of the humans, in order to bring home booty to be shared among all the giants.
2. Hymir is worshipped by the many frost giants who consider him the lord of sea and knowledge. In some cases, Hymir is seen as the sage of the court of Hel and Stodos, while in other interpretations he is a rival of the two, driven from the island and reduced to live in the middle of the sea. According to legend, Hymir isolates Frosthaven for a good part of the year as a retaliation against Stodos and Hel, in order to avenge himself on their descendents, but during the winter the power of the sovereigns is so strong to freeze the impulse of Hymir and form a crust of ice also on the surface of the sea, that allows the giants to arrive by foot in Norwold for their customary wintry raids. The followers of Hymir are mostly fishermen and the few existing sailors, as well as those frost giants that are opposed to the ruthless rule imposed by Hel and Stodos and seek to bring more freedom and solidarity among their kind.
3. The few white dragons and cryons that live on the Isle of Frosthaven are all followers of Stodos.