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Immortals actively worshipped in Glantri

by Marco Dalmonte

Rad [leader]
Cretia [opposing leader]

1. despite the laws against clerics and clerical worship inside Glantri, there are many wandering clerics undercover travelling inside the Principalities, in particular clerics of Ixion, Razud and Valerias.
2. the sect of the Ten Thousand Fists of the Khan is made up by activists of Cretia sent by the Golden Khan to Glantri to cause unrest among the population and overthrow the mages' ruling class [see GAZ12]. They always act by forming secret cells and meeting in secret holy hideouts.
3. Ilsundal is worshipped by the Erewan elves [see GAZ3], and Rad allows this both because Ilsundal is a precious ally and because its worship is held secret and discreet by the elves.