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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Macroblan - Prosperity, trade, money, wealth, greed
The Shapechanger (Korotiku) - Liberty, clear thinking, guile, cleverness, wisdom, cheating, subterfuge, fun
The Celestial Traveller (Sinbad) - Travel, exploration, adventure, courage, overcoming any barrier and border
Pyrak (Ixion) - Light, sun, fire, strength, magic
The Celestial Architect (Polonius) - Architecture, arts and crafts, creativity
Karaash - War, victory, conquest, tactics, strength
1. The inhabitants of Gombar are the tanagogre (ogrekin), a race formed from ogres and Tanagoro that live in the Tangor peninsula and that founded the two colonies of Gombar and Suma’a in the Arm of the Immortals around the VII century AC. The tanagogre of Gombar are a people devoted to trade and wealth, a true plutocracy led by a Merchant-king. The majority of the Gombarians worship Macroblan, patron of wealth and trade and protector of the city. It is also possible to find in Gombar temples dedicated to any of the Immortals of the tanagogre cult considered particularly auspicious and important for the welfare or history of the city: the Shapechanger (Korotiku), the Celestial Traveller (Sinbad), Pyrak (Ixion), the Celestial Architect (Polonius) and Karaash.
2. The Infernal Judge (Masauwu) is the antagonist of the Shapechanger, a sort of nemesis quick to judge the fate of every individual in order to understand if it deserves rebirth or the eternal damnation, and use any means for corrupting the living, and any trick or promise in order to induce them to sell their own soul in exchange of power and wealth. Masauwu doesn’t have temples in Gombar, but some followers of the Judge are also found in this community.