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Graakhalia and The Plain of Fire

by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

The Hunter (Zirchev) - Survival, hunting, nature, animals, tolerance, outcasts
Skorpios (Atzanteotl) - Corruption (physical and moral), betrayal, destruction of surface life, deceit
Surt (Zugzul) - Power, conquest, fire, war
1. The Grugraakh gnolls fleeing from Nithia sought refuge in the caverns under the Plain of Fire and lived a difficult and contrasted existence for some centuries. Then one of them was contacted by Zirchev, who began to guide them in order to ensure their survival and their conversion to a less destructive practise. The cult of the Hunter (Zirchev) was embraced also by the Sheyallia elves when these migrated into the caverns, who renouncing Ordana saw the new life conditions and chose to pray to Zirchev to gain his protection. Actually many priests of Zirchev are present both among the gnolls (in the greater number) and among the elves.
2. Skorpios (Atzanteotl) is worshipped by the tribes of humanoid scorpions that inhabit the subterranean region Bronkhaat, situated in the upper levels to the western border with Graakhalia. They profoundly hate any inhabitant of the surface and also consider the Graakhalians a threat, and plan the annihilation of their enemies based on visions sent by Skorpios.
3. Surt is worshipped by the fire giants that inhabit a fortress constructed at the centre of the Plain of Fire, called the Blinding Palace.
4. Many creatures of fire, such as elementals and fire giants, which live in the Plane of Fire, worship powerful elementals together with Rathanos.