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Gargoņa (Savage Barony)

by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Valerias - Love, passion, fertility, arts
Milan (Mealiden) - Travel, adventure, bravery
The Ambassador (Masauwu) - Politics, intrigue, diplomacy
Ixion - Sun, wisdom, passion, strength
Al-Kalim - Knowledge, tolerance, honour
The Judge (Tarastia) - Justice, law
The General (Thor) - War, courage
1. The Gargoņans aren’t famous for their religiosity. Gargoņa indeed is part of the trio of nations known as the Enlightened States, together with Almarrón and Saragón, and many of their inhabitants are scholars and artists that consider religious faith a puerile form of ignorance, yet tolerate the different cults and prefer instead approach religion for artistic ends (as a source of literary, musical or painting inspiration) or academics (studying history and the symbolism of the various faiths). In spite of this, some of them judge that the Ambassador is worthy of respect and worship, as like Milan (who symbolises the daring of challenging the conventions in order to discover that which is hidden) he gains a small following among the sages and the more shrewd Gargoņans. Between the Gargoņans of each social class the faith in Valerias as patroness of love, art, passions that inflame the heart and fertility is though the most radical.
2. In the last decades some temples devoted to Ixion and Al-Kalim, patrons of wisdom, knowledge and learning, have also started to appear that have attracted no little attention also of the agnostic Gargoņan students. Despite being young orders, their worship is already broad, outnumbering in popularity the few remaining followers that still worship the Judge and the General, by now considered minor Immortals and almost forgotten by the majority of the Gargoņans, peaceful people and respectful of the laws for civic sense more than for divine fear.