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Heldannic Territories (Heldann)

by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Vanya - War, conquest, victory, pride, honour
Odin - Good government and authority, guile, knowledge, wisdom, sky, storms, winds, creatures of the air
Thor - War, battle, fury in battle, honour, bravery, virility
Frey - Passion and strategy in battle, virility, loyalty, agriculture, fertility
Freyja - Women warriors, fertility, abundance, beauty, love, Seidh (prophecy), valiant souls
Loki - Deceit, lies, betrayal, intrigue, guile, fire
Frigg (Terra) - Creation and protection of all forms of life, balance of the life cycle, birth, prosperity and fertility, earth, agriculture
The Norn (Urd, Verthandi and Skuld) - Time, fate, divination, visions, life cycle
Gylgarid (Kiranjo) - Violence, fury, cruelty, massacre, berserker, minotaurs
1. The Heldannic Territories (first known as Heldann Freeholds) have been under the control of the Heldannic Knights since the year 952 AC, date of the conquest of Haldisvall (later renamed Freiburg, the new capital of the Territories). By the express order of the Heldannic Order (the theocracy that governs the region), the only allowed cult is that of the Grey Lady, while the public veneration of the ancient Immortals of the Asatru has been prohibited (for this Odin is shown as the enemy of the principal Immortal, or Vanya), even if it doesn’t prevent the Heldanners from following the old faith in private. For this there still exists numerous followers and priests of the Asatru still active in the Territories, as attested by the northmen Immortals listed above.