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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Yehm (Korotiku) - Clear thinking, wisdom, liberty, guile, cleverness, cheating, jokes, fun, spiders
Eneeban (Masauwu) - Diplomacy, intrigue, deceit, fiction, corruption, spies and thieves
Negyavim (Iliric) - Magic, knowledge, ambition, greed, egotism
Shaibuth (Eiryndul) - Sylvan creatures, adventure, illusions and deceit
Shaya (Valerias) - Love, desire, passion, arts
Asharya (Aracne Prime) - Oppression, obscurity, deceit, spiders and evil aranea
1. The magocracy of Herath is made up from a minority of elves, humans, Shazak and rakasta immigrants from the adjacent regions, and a majority of aranea natives that pretend to be other races thanks to their shapechanging ability, in order to avoid being assaulted by their neighbours that consider the aranea a sort of legendary bogeyman. Because their lives are based on fiction, guile and deceit, the Immortals most important in the Herathian culture are Korotiku (considered the principal patron by the aranea), Masauwu (patron of diplomacy, politics and fiction, and for this second only to Yehm in the ranks of the aranea Immortals, who has made of the fiction a rule of life) and Eiryndul (lord of illusions and sylvan creatures).
2. Yehm (Korotiku) is also worshipped as patron of the Weavers, a particular group of just neutral aranea with druidic affinity whose only objective is the preservation of the arachnid races and the Herathian ecosystem. These are the only druids that Herath allows, obviously focusing on protecting spiders of every type and the forests that nurture and protect all the Herathians.
3. Iliric is present as patron of magic and greed, characteristics common to the majority of the Herathians.
4. Valerias has always been attracted by the ability of the aranea to relate with other creatures by showing sentiments of love and desire that oversteps the interracial barrier, and for this has succeeded to gain a follower base also among the Herathians.
5. Aracne Prime is worshipped by a small minority of aranea that remember the ancient traditions and oppose the actual ruling nobility, attempting to give a more expansionist and slaver impression to Herathian society.