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by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Bozdogan (Loki) - Hule, guile, deceit, intrigue, lies
Bath (Tyche) - Luck (good or bad), chance, destiny, risk and hazard
Ilneval (Karaash - War, strength, conquest, tactics, victory, humanoids
Inuus (Faunus) - Drunkenness, revelry, nature, instincts, fertility, sensuality, arts
Hruggek (Bartziluth) - Bugbears, fury, battle, bravery, strength
Aravjuk (Harrow) - Illusions, dreams and diaboli
Vaprak (Jammudaru) - Ogres, giants, vengeance, torture, fear, violence
Maglubiyet (Wogar) - Goblins, war and military tactics, conquest, ferocity, predators, wolves and lycanthropes
Iliric - Magic, knowledge, social climbing, greed, egotism
Ecel (Hel) - Corruption, death, darkness and cold energy
[i]Yeenoghu (Ranivorus)
- Gnolls, madness, raiding, destruction, hate
Garal - Gnomes, inventors and thinkers, science and mechanics, crafts
Yemekershey (Bagni) - Trolls, violence, hunger, destruction
1. The cults of Ilneval and Hruggek arenít only popular with the humanoids, but thanks to the work of conviction of the holy men upon the demand of the Master, have been adopted by the population and by the Hulean army as patrons of war, battle and heroism.
2. Maglubiyet (Wogar) is worshipped by the goblin wolfriders that are supported in the Hulean army as well as by some hobgoblins and werewolves, who consider him the lord of ferocity and conquest, in opposition to Ilneval. The temple of Hule tolerates this practice as long as it doesnít create unease within the army.
3. The cult of Garal has been brought to Hule by the gnomes that have been transferred here. The Master has accepted that they could continue to revere their Immortal after they swore, in mass, an oath of fidelity to the Hulean nation. With time, Garal is also becoming the main Immortal in Hule for all the craftsmen, and given that his creed doesnít constitute a danger to the official religion, the Master tolerates its presence.
4. Eiryndul is the main enemy of the Temple of Bozdogan as he has never forgiven Loki and Harrow for having taken many of his elven followers that lived in the forest surrounding Lake Rockwater. He despatches his own spies and rabble-rousers in turn to Hule in order to weave a net of insurrection against the bureaucrats and holy men, but doesnít have true and proper holy sites, and for this is not listed among the worshipped Immortals.
5. Loup is worshipped by some lupin nomads and by some Huleans as Luup the Black, patron of ferocity, winter and death, and is the principal enemy of Maglubiyet and of the werewolves. However he doesnít have any true holy sites within Hule, given that the ceremonies in his honour are always held in the open, during the night, in complete secrecy seeing that it isnít one of the cults tolerated within the Sanctified Lands.