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Elves, Icevale

by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Fredar (Frey) - Passion and strategy in battle, virility, loyalty, agriculture, fertility
Fredara (Freyja) - Fertility, abundance, beauty, love, Seidh (prophecy), valiant souls, women warriors
Wotan (Odin) - Good government and authority, guile, knowledge, wisdom, sky, winds, storms
Donar (Thor) - Battle, honour, bravery
Ilsundal - Protection of elves and nature, wisdom, knowledge, magic, tradition, serenity and peace
Thendara (Ordana) - Nature, fertility, protection of forests and sylvan races
1. As for the Truedyl and the Schattenalfen, also for the elves of Icevale (also known as elves of the ice) the history in the outer world began with the migration of Ilsundal towards Brun and ended with the colonisation of the Glantrian High Lands. After some centuries of peaceful life, the explosion of a Blackmoorian device caused by a clan of elves created the Broken Lands and brought a toxic cloud and nuclear radiation to devastate the Glantrian valleys. This pushed the elves to find an underground refuge, and led by the Antalian heroes Fredar and Fredara on the path to Immortality, they travelled through the terrestrial crust in search of a new home, until emerging in the Hollow World, in the mountainous area between the Antalians and the beast-men to the north, and the fertile plains of the Neathar to the south. Here the survivors of the migration decided to stop, given that the region closely resembles the High Lands from which they had fled, and in the course of centuries they have rebuilt their own civilisation devoted to the cult of Wotan (Odin) and especially of his divine children Fredar and Fredara (Frey and Freyja), his proxies on Mystara in order to save the clan at the moment of major crisis. There also exist some followers of Ilsundal and Thendara (Ordana) among them, but are a peaceful minority that is tolerated, since the elves of the ice donít consider these last two Immortals as real patrons. The elves of Icevale are sylvan elves more accustomed to the cold climate and to live in places where snow and evergreens and conifers are abundant. They follow the code of Fredar that imposes loyalty to the clan, bravery and solidarity. They love to hunt and live in the woods, but arenít fanatics of battle and donít seek personal glory. These elves (who are ignorant of the names of the clans they belonged to) are civil and open with strangers, adore festivals and competitions (especially skating, archery and competitions of local crafts), but donít permit anyone to abuse their hospitality or the natural resources.