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Immortals actively worshipped in Ierendi

by Marco Dalmonte

Mother Nature (Djaea)
Old Man of the Sea (Protius)
Nob Nar
Twelve Watchers

1. Given the nature of the Makai religion, which is very animistic and based on the respect for nature and the ancestors, Djaea, Protius and Nyx have been chosen as the best patrons for the Makai shamans and druids. Indeed the Makai worship Mother Nature as the embodiment of seasons and the earth, the Old Man of the Sea as the embodiment of seas, rainfall and all that comes from the sea (including seafood and pearls), while Nyx is considered the patroness of death, night and the dead (particularly strong is her worship in Utter island among the albinos and in Elegy Island), although she is not seen as a negative force, rather an inevitable one.
2. I suppose that Rathanos is worshipped by the majority of the inhabitants of Honour Island and served by the clerics who live there. It is likely that some of the wizards pay homage to the Fire Elemaster, too, although there are no clerics of this immortal being around.
3. Although there are no places of worship dedicated to Sinbad in Ierendi (as the cult's dogma imposes), there are many wandering clerics and followers of Sinbad here.
4. Kythria is a popular figure in Ierendi, since she was the first adventurer who helped create the Crown Tournament and the first Queen who won her crown. She's worshipped as a heroine and godlike figure by Ierendians and adventurers alike.
5. Saturnius and Nob Nar are worshipped by adventurers and pirates (especially Saturnius).
6. Ka is worshipped by the few lizardmen still living in the isles of Ierendi.
7. Orisis is worshipped by the secretive and reclusive druids and clerics of White Isle.
8. al-Kalim is worshipped by a small branch of the church of the Eternal Truth which was founded by some wandering priests a couple of decades ago in Ierendi Island.