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City-state of Jakar

by Marco Dalmonte English translation by Gary Davies

Atzanteotl - Destruction, deceit, vengeance
Ka - Prosperity, protection of life, magic, healing, knowledge
1. The rakasta that live in the southern forests of the Arm of the Immortals are in the majority followers of Atzanteotl. On inspiration of their patron, they have formed some city-states similar to those of the Azcans, with a great stone ziggurat at the centre as a temple consecrated to Atzanteotl, constructed as initiations of the Oltec ruins in the area. The rakasta belong to the Jakar and Jakarundi breeds and in each city live under the control of the Great Priest of Atzanteotl, who has the power of life and death over everyone. In the past, a group of rakasta tried to rebel against the corruption whispered by Atzanteotl, but were cursed and changed into the modern Ocelasta, forced to wander half the world in search of a cure to their curse.
2. Actually there are a few followers of Ka, ancient patron of the rakasta, who are opposed to the despotism of the priests of Atzanteotl. However, they are move around with caution among the Jakar, weaving a compact web of intrigues and alliances in order to be able to create an extended organisation that could deliver at just that moment a hard blow to the priesthood caste of all the city. The Children of the Jaguar (as the sect is known among the conspirators) count many members among the poorest classes and among the Jakar craftsmen, as well as various Jakarundi mages and priests, and the whole of the Ocelasta cursed by Atzanteotl and expelled by the Jakar that still live hidden in the southern forests and that secretly operate in order to overturn the government of Atzanteotl.